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Frage von JoeFX:

Hello first!

I have long since turned a small action film. Did I have help from the forum brought ... In any event, we wanted a small scene shot spin.

When I asked who is Softgun has, for our movie, it was only a one had. 08-15 is a cheap weapon. Softgun. I myself have only synonymous Carnival an old revolver.

Actually yes, I intended, at the mouth to set shots. Detonative movie was so nice. Since there is only one weapon is synonymous not quite what my requirements, I wanted me some Softair guns buy. Sniper, MP5, Kalashnikov, etc.

Schießlich and finally I came to Softair world. It has a 1:1 Softair Kalshnikov 99 ¬ Uronen tasted. For me, the poor dog is a bit too much for a rifle, with the shot will not Sowieso.

Now to the question: Can someone of you a business which, if possible, 1:1 replicas of the above guns sold are much cheaper?
Or has someone a thing or two Softair rifle which he no longer needed?
Mir is no preference whether they are no good. With them will be shot anyway.



Antwort von rtzbild:


Softair in any forum to ask?

AFAIK there are synonymous Softair groups in each city, you may borrow one from his.

Otherwise s.Frankfurter Berlin train station or ask ... o)



Antwort von jamaries:

I think they are okey and very cheap.


Antwort von SammyGray:

So when are detail Recording ... Softair kannste the cheap for 100 euro tonne cut in the ... assi pure plastic.

the - the relatively similar detail are moving in the price category 275 upward. heavy maschienengwehre 1000 euro.

with that whole not a role-playing for you.

I had borrowed several salut (original ww2) and dekomodelle (original ww2 and modern weapons of war) the synonymous, according to the current Arms Act have been rebuilt.

you could synonymous an H & K MP7 as Softair variant borrow. This comes from tm and is very faithful to detail - from the original hard to distinguish.

would have been synonymous with various uniform equipment because (ksk, s, army, ...).

lending against cash or course only with rental.

Just email to me.



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