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Softwarevergleiche zu speziellen Voraussetungen (mal wieder)

Software Comparisons to special conditions (again)

Frage von dark^listener:
Dezember 2009

Hello forum community
I know this question newbies like me probably every day, even minute, but somehow different then the answer yet, because it indeed ultimately synonymous whatever the requirements.

If it is to me so that I now have a very successful project with Magix video deluxe 2007 - video deluxe got through 16, there have not found much of what I needed, but much of the entäuscht Stabillität and authoring capabilities was.

I think that is suitable magix case only up to a small project size, there were about 200 GB in my footage, so that was synonymous Magix on organizing the material is no longer clear.

For other projects, I would like using only a portion of the profits, while preparing a piece of software in the field of DV editing / authoring to get that does not undercut on one page the function of the number of Magix, but I stress-night long and stability to a well thought out data management.

I would like to categorize my material in a coherent and aufbewaren folder structure. It is important to me that while the program is working so I have somewhere on the HDD to a folder with material and then the proper project folder with, let's call her Verküpfungsdateien specially assembled for the current Project.

Magix copied namely partially-used material from the subfolder in the folder where is the main project file.

In addition to these organizational functions should, as mentioned titles, transition effects and templates, but individual adjustments may be synonymous in it. Important for me is the support of "virtual camera movements" to give life to static images to.

In authoring, I would like to have the opportunity to create dynamic DVD menus with submenus and to operate freely and chapter menus. Magix stürtzt regularly in this work s.and a DVD menu with individually designed exclusively elements is not at it, here they seem to be quite the amateur film fixated with Dad on holiday videos.

Of course, synonymous price plays a small role, I am currently working on Windows XP or Windows 7 but not synonymous to think about a Mac that I would need to buy extra for me, however.

Since I möchteist invest exclusively profit from the first project of the MAC + Final Cut Pro sschon arg s.der AVID synonymous with pain threshold and 2400 ¬ will be tight, but not impossible, if I get my needs met by it.

Maybe even have experienced one or another forum user lust me here with advice on Page entitled?

Love Greetings from the cathedral city of Cologne
Dark ^ listener

Antwort von tommyb:

Difficult, difficult - but not impossible.

Try it once with

SONY Vegas (8.0 Pro)
Adobe Premiere (CS4)

Price of manufactures Vegas is likely to be s.attraktivsten (Ebay) without DVD Architect, about 60 euros. For a similar project can be put aside eifnach the files to a folder on the hard drive and then import this material in Vegas. Everything remains s.seinem city and the "links" are in the project file of Vegas. However, there is no fire & forget system - you'll have a bit of data can be retained.

Is saved to create a huge advantage over programs, the special folders in which all the material is simply that the files remain where they were really there synonymous stored. This means that if you simply put the entire folder to an external hard drive and the entire walk to another calculator goes, you have to say when you open the project, possibly the only program that is the folder in which ONE of the files. The rest is usually. then completely recovered car. If I were an AVID s.den think it makes my cold back down (especially if he thinks the AVID would take no longer run properly - then you have) a lot of fun to gather together some of his files.

How the file management is in the other program, I do not know. Maybe it can tell you other people.

Antwort von domain:

Dark ^ listener "wrote:

Magix copied namely partially-used material from the subfolder in the folder where is the main project file.

As far as the general filehandling, should be the AVID Media Composer is still unmatched, which is confirmed synonymous of all testers.

"And because media bins are not linked to specific projects or users, you can open bins and access files from other projects - even when in use by others - without having to copy media."


Antwort von Mylenium:

Well, if the media management is important to go beyond Avid really nothing. However, the synonymous funzt only if you do it enters. So just quickly shuffling files in Windows Explorer down-and then is not that everything must be done under the watchful eyes of the program you are not synonymous and can create an arbitrary structure. Avid funzt just as good, because ultimately, there is no structure and manage the files on numeric tags and assigned random numbers and in a database. Only thus can work more synonymous User s.einem Project without chopping the work of others. But I think this is for your purposes anyway erstmal not the right one. If your projects never move beyond the few GB out, you had now, you will be with Premiere, Edius, or halt synonymous Final Cut Pro can upgrade more easily. Final Cut Pro and Premiere synonymous, at least the advantage of you with DVD Studio Pro or Encore (if you buy a suite, such as Final Cut Studio or Adobe Production Premium) really usable DVD menus with reasonable design can have, of course, synonymous and other helpful Tools to get ...


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