Infoseite // Solid MiniDV Camera with AV-In Wanted!

Frage von DennisP.:


I am looking for a reasonably cheap MiniDV Camera with AV-IN. Miscellaneous criteria are really just that the camera is as stable and solid as it should survive as a band camera the hard stage everyday. I think image quality criteria such as ordenltiche synonymous with low-light and many manual adjustable features I do not have an extra mention.
I would obviously prefer a new camera, but I think this type of camera is slowly dying out, perhaps you can recommend me synonymous a good second-hand, with too little time I have probably bid on ebay for one.
I'm looking forward to your suggestions.



Antwort von RickyMartini:

AV-in, there are none of the remaining Sony MiniDV camcorders more.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"RickyMartini" wrote: ... AV-in, there are none of the remaining Sony MiniDV camcorder more ...
With one exception: The VX2100 offers this feature and would otherwise synonymous meet all the required technical criteria, such as manual controls, robust construction and excellent Lowlightfähigkeiten. Whether it but the thread starter as "reasonably favorable" classifies, he must decide. Otherwise, the nearly identical predecessor, the VX2000 second hand market would be worth a thought.


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