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Sony HVR-S270 Totalen unscharf

Sony HVR-S270 blurred shots

Frage von kroepel:
Oktober 2010


Having problems with the HVR-S270. (Exchangeable optics, original lens
in use)

At full aperture, a one sharply focussed in telephoto manual
Motive in zoom-out shot in the muddy and blurred.

('s Not uncommon s.ein ranzufahren object for focusing and
then select the image setting)

(Object in telephoto from 2.3 m sharp, in the long shot you have to
refocus and then it is at 1.3 m sharp ...

The back focus I have on several occasions auto and manual synonymous
adjusted. (Due Instructions) It does not help.

The effect is s.etwa Aperture 3, not x relevant.

If the flange is the right approach, or is there a
other place where it jams?

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Antwort von tommyb:

Flange is the right approach.

Now I have the camera do not mind, but she accidentally synonymous of a macro-ring?

Antwort von WoWu:

Hmmmm ... on the flange would I like Tommy, synonymous typed just bothers me that Aperture is supposed to have such an impact.
And what Aperture 3.x "is? And what is "from ..." for larger or smaller Aperture Aperture .... the effect with a smaller aperture larger or smaller?

Antwort von campool:

Flange, sounds ever good. How can you ask for sharp? Wenns lack s.Siemensstern, this could possibly be a source of error. Otherwise borrow star and try (try to Manual). Try once synonymous with Zebra and / or peaking. Although primitive, but it might be useful. However, I do not know what you have for Optics, and whether the camera cooperates there (probably not).

EDIT: Habs synonymous experienced that the lens was actually not completely anchored in the bayonet (Only about 2 mm before the snap). Since then, despite the picture looked right, of course flange of strange.

Antwort von domain:

So if the lens infinity already at 2.3 and 1.3 m sharp maps and do a manual Auflagenmaßkorrektur, then I would on the Instructions and whistle in a first step, remove the lens at full aperture and as long as progressive as far from the sensor to infinitely far away objects are really synonymous shown only at the Unendlichsymbol sharp on the scale.
So in short, in my opinion is the Lens at present too close to the sensor, ie manual Unendlicheinstellung anything more is sharp, neither distant nor Near. That is the infamous "Out of infinity" position of a lens, it does not exist after WoWu yes ;-))

Antwort von WoWu:

But domain s.Lens if something is not right (eg how campool writes) or the lens for cameras with different focal length requirements is established.
You must read the reasons already, then do not pass such a faux pas. :-))

Antwort von kroepel:

Thank you for your feedback!

Siemens star is present.
The macro lens does not ring, only ne in the menu selectable
Macro function. (Have the flange even with and without adjusted, no difference)

The camera has an automatic function for setting the back focus.

This requires you to max aperture, zoom to wide angle. AGC off, shutter open car.
Then it makes the menu function by auto, manual or optional synonymous.
Then had to set as the first star in sharp telephoto, zoom out
and then up in the Wide Angle Focus.

All without success.

Aperture 3.x means that s.dieser aperture (open aperture is 1.6)
this uncertainty in the total no more strikes. Does that mean then that is synonymous Picture
after the zoom-out sharp.

Incidentally, according to the zoom-out is not the blurred-focus plane
but the whole picture.

With autofocus like the cam is off, then the Picture synonymous in the
Total sharp.

Antwort von WoWu:

Nomal short demand:
Can you post two pictures (sharp / blurred)?
I had the time, but there was in the zoomed state, the aperture open and Aufzoomen when they joined and what was visible was diffraction.
(In the Picture Zoom still crooked, but the diffraction is clearly visible between the zoom position.)

EDIT: I see straight, so it is with you the other way around ...

Antwort von MountainDew:

I guess this is kind of loose connection between s.einem Manuellemfokus and the auto focus function in Lens. This could then come the uncertainty about.

Antwort von kroepel:

"WoWu" wrote:
Nomal short demand:
Can you post two pictures (sharp / blurred)?
I had the time, but there was in the zoomed state, the aperture open and Aufzoomen when they joined and what was visible was diffraction.
(In the Picture Zoom still crooked, but the diffraction is clearly visible between the zoom position.)

EDIT: I see straight, so it is with you the other way around ...

The Lens Aperture is due Opens shot in the maximum telephoto setting it to 2.0 in 1.6.
Images I did not score, because I use the cam in the company.
But the long shot in your example is very close but my impression Picture ...
Muddy soup ....

Antwort von domain:

As you mentioned is of the manual Auflagenmaßkorrektur to understand really? If the only electronical implemented through variable control curves or real mechanical, such as an adjustable ring with fine thread behind the bayonet?
The same question is synonymous manual zoom adjustment. Does it synonymous with vertebral column, or only about postitionssteuernde Lens servo motors, ie only with Lens s.der Camera?
If both runs only on servo motors, then just vote and possibly the pre-programmed variable control curves do not agree with the desired targets and then the thing is really hairy and hardly see through.

Antwort von MountainDew:

With this lens there is no mechanical device with which you can adjust the flange. Also I think the focus is only controlled by servo motors, at least in the way as the EX1.

Antwort von domain:

So if all three components (Flange, Zoom and Focus) reached only about various positions of the internal lens groups with the exception of the front lens distance of servos and control curves are, then I can think back focus problems with pre-programmed animated.
The total lens has been developed to a certain distance towards the sensor and when the mechanical should not be adjustable, then we have already come on when synonymous rare problem.
Back Manual Focus, as known from earlier times but now with zoom lenses do you actually generally not more, because the uncertainties are too great. Dear AF closely with field measurement and subsequent AF-Lock.

Antwort von WoWu:

Perhaps a clue that has led to the EX1 sharpness problems. There, the swinging of the NDS was problematic to bring the light to the setting down.
It is therefore appropriate to use the shutter instead of the LP, to force open aperture and at the same time something you see on the Picture.
Furthermore, the setting will remain for the flange is always a compromise and if you've been on WW sharp, there will always be in the zoomed state, a blur.
So you have to look for the compromise.
Sharpness in zoom out but usually synonymous in the field to WW, especially as you get the higher amounts of light, then synonymous compensates for the low blur through the smaller aperture.
(If not slam the diffraction.)

Now I do not know if that's all gone already so with you, if so ... then SONY.

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