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Frage von Vacuum_Cleaner:

Hello first time;)

Equal to one times first: I have not (yet) with film s.hut ^ ^.
I should just find out something for a colleague. Also, just because I mim Internet, more clearly than he came.

Following problem:
He films the way weddings with a Sony HVR-Z5.
Recently he has tried several times and runtergelanden presets.
Now he is turning to the last, struck at the post-production that the picture is not as it should be. The display of the action, it was not visible in the recording. It's all slightly blurred and noisy.
The picture should now be almost as bad as these comic Blogger ala Camera "Kodak Zi8" & Co.

His presumption is that he is now with all the preset rumgealbere the camera has so half shot.
He resets the camera already. Only can be, as I understand it, not play some more shots. He has not found ne-old recording, which has made a few days when receiving the camera and the same nachgefilmt again. The new recordings are still, as he says, under all pig.
He's now assume that the reset the default preset is loaded or non, it is not at all stored in the action.
He has not saved the original preset synonymous.

I will now search the Internet for the time series preset.

Can anyone of you can perhaps come to know or perhaps ne source where I can download it?

Or do I have with the whole thing something misunderstood?

mfg Vacuum_Cleaner


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Vacuum_Cleaner" wrote: ... He already has the camera resets. Only can be, as I understand it, not play some more shots ...
The playability of the tapes may have nothing to do with a feigned Preset: Should there really so hooked, then there is another problem.

"Vacuum_Cleaner" wrote: ... I will now search the Internet for the time series preset ne knows ... maybe source where I can download it? ...
There would be, I think, even better option, although not free: Wolfgang - as a "trunk" synonymous active in this forum - in the last year with a lot of effort on a much more preset for the Z5 has created as the standard. With your colleagues so you can go through these times together with the linked forum discussion page: After that you may regret the factory preset will not a second more ...


Antwort von Vacuum_Cleaner:

May be synonymous with what I've got confused where the bands play. He explained to me his problem during the break, as is well known blabber confused many people. :)
The PP of "trunk" he has been synonymous found, only he knows not what he should think. He has certainly not like I just read through the entire threat.
did you make synonymous ne Z5? And can recommend it unreservedly?
Shall I contact synonymous s.ruessel times.


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