Infoseite // Sony Picture Package does not recognize CD / DVD recorder??

Frage von Low Soulflyer:


I'm almost here gegooglelt ... Hope you can help me!
Right first of all. Beginners have the use of cameras and what it covers, but really thought that I still had a profound knowledge s.Software and computers ...
So the following:

I have ne SonyDCR-HC14E purchased. S is actually very nice part.
So, now have en video tape, and this would burn to CD / DVD. I'm so worried me then s USB Cable, strike up the software and the corresponding program hann clicked. After I had recognized some problems s.Anfang to the camera, I came synonymous so far that I only had to click "Start", that he would start with the burning process. Then as the next statement that I should insert a blank CD. No problem. No sooner said than done, but then my computer moserte that the drive is empty seie and insisted that I insert ne CD.
I'm still synonymous me then looked at the options and then there is a field of source and cry because of speed. In none of the fields but I can select anything, because all I have to choice to say which volume corresponds to the burner.

What am I doing wrong? Where is the problem? Can I determine s.irgendeiner another place to which he is to drive access??

I hope you can help me and please do not tell me that I should try with this i-link cable, so I just bought me the USB cable and so it must go but synonymous, right?

Many many thanks for your patience and Reading's!

Soul Flyer Low


Antwort von Peter S.:

I have to disappoint your hope: A simple Firewire cable for a few euros and one video editing program for beginners, such as Ulead VideoStudio could solve your problem. The transfer via USB is a crutch, which only works with the Sony software, and with reduced quality expires.
MFG Peter


Antwort von Markus:


the suggestion of Peter I would like to supplement with some background information:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images
-> 1 (b) camcorder / recorder via Firewire or USB to hook up?


Antwort von MiXMaster:

I have the same problem. gibts it because a possibility that the program recognizes the burner?

gruß udo


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Udo,

Perhaps you can find the following contribution pithy note ... Nero does not recognize the burner.


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