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Sony Vegas - 64 bit und Plugins

Sony Vegas - 64 bit and Plugins

Frage von JulianW:
Oktober 2010

Hi everyone,

I work for several months (s.sich very happy) with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 in the 64 bit version.

Since I've synonymous Cinescore I was surprised ... the plugin only works with the 32-bit version. They wanted me to be still made to believe how generous it Sonyist of change that I can install the 32-bit parallel, so that was twice as much software, and the music simply inserts the other version.

Well ... the customer for an idiot is so popular these days companies hobby ... I bit the bullet. Now I am but yet more problems.

Some of NewBlue plugins I have in use ... and like them very much. Which in turn can only be installed in a version of Vegas ... either 64 bit or 32 bit. Logo, in the 64er, with the work I usually yes. And a plugin is used: noise reduction, another Sony own.

But does the noise reduction that time only 250 ¬ cost, synonymous only in the 32 bit version. So I must now use all the plugins in different versions.

Continuously changing is already annoying, but where should I for now render to? In the 32-bit version's is slow and the NewBlue plugins fail. In the 64-bit version, however I have neither the Cinescore plugin nor the noise reduction available. I dare already to almost believe that the Sony support tells me next that I should render s.besten but in each version once to use all the plugins, and should be happy because "often rendered" then "more Quality means "or something. ;-)

Sooo a big bitch, I'm not usually, but somehow the nerves already. I mean, I'm not talking of a 50-euro software, and a 250 ¬ plugin by Manufacturer ... that should somehow fit into a workflow, right?

The question is very important for me because Sonyja just now just now out, the new version, I simultaneously have the Adobe Master've Collection are from here (licensed all) and is present for me, the question of whether I too Premiere / Soundbooth change should, especially in Soundbooth a good noise reduction is of house from inside, which works at least somewhat with Premiere.

To add even more disabled child additional small snag: I am now annoying the multi-cam editing of Vegas synonymous to get off. Since the tracks are no longer "auseinanderzupflücken" I have virtually no clever Pan & Crop make adjustments, once I switched to multicam. Similarly, then such things as color correction and the like away, as long as I do not do it for each clip. Since I work in a typical 10-hour recordings of three cameras, that would be something awful lot ... I will have a color filter s.denTrack not s.den clip. PiP is synonymous pretty annoying in Multicam mode.

So, that was now "all my suffering." Premiere is not me sooo sympathetic and open to the first one or two times I've hardly zurechtefunden, but after I was left Sony Even with Cinescore down and thought I would own fault if I do not read the newsletter, that I was not warned would be that the software is pulped ... well, I like Vegas, but Sony is always scary to me and the limits of Vegas (cam, 64-bit version ,...) bother me more and more.

Does anybody have any workarounds? Or is it more likely to recommend the switch afu premiere?

Love, Julian!

Antwort von Marco:

Hi Julian,

What happens if you try, a NewBlueFX plugin first in the 32-bit version and then again to install the 64-bit version?

Since you are now switched to other cameras - Which barrel length because each has a recording of each camera? You can filter so synonymous to media-level, rather than as an on-event level.

In 10's version of the program is a function of the divergence, the multicam track. For PiP and Pan / Crop applications there may be other alternatives, but the durchzuwälzen in theory, a little tiring. I have to visit you once ...


Antwort von JulianW:

Hi Marco,

quite simple: the installation stops. Have the experience so synonymous with premiere was once a version of the plugin is installed, it's this, too, to install in another directory, will help not next.

However, I find it rather poor performance of Vegas. With Cinescore I found it already cheeky, close the program to simply synonymous and thus the possibility nachzukaufen scores einzustampfen. Since I could not but understand at least why they did not want to rewrite the plugin synonymous for the 64bit version.

When noise reduction, however, I think it is already very, very customer-unfriendly. I mean, now comes out the 10 version, that is, the plugin is outdated for at least two version numbers and Wride not even for the current version of the "major software revision. Mind you ... with a 250 ¬ plugin.

The Noise-Reduction in Comparison: When Soundbooth is noise reduction inclusive. In Cool Edit time at a reasonable price, now just stop in Adobe Audition for a little more money ... all adult sound processing with noise reduction incl.

For this have to do 250 euros, almost as much as a whole sound editing, and then not even feature in the current 64-bit version ready to ... borderline.

Besides the sudden adjustment of Cinescore software and not the sell-sake, or scores, one of the main reasons why I think change of ds, although I quite like Vegas s.sich like. I am reluctant required only when the context is wrong, and I have the Adobe license anyway synonymous.

Maybe I watch but synonymous advance again in the 10 demo. If can be multi-cam tracks "fanned out" ... I can then synonymous a filter, a similar effect or, s.genau create a track within the Multi-Cam? That would be quite important.

Love, Julian!

Antwort von JulianW:

PiP / Pan & Crop:

At the moment I can only imagine the following variants übrignes is synonymous for the color filter:

- Make adjustments, save and load settings for each take (much work)
- Projects nest into each other (extremely hard, a lot of computing power)

Which version is the only way of their nature, could possibly go for? An example of the applications:

to take your idea, an "easy zoom" into a long shot, I will combine with it, "align" a picture where the Ausschintt simply will not be optimal. So I would like to do two things:

1. About an hour of over 10 hours and choose Pan & Crop "straighten"
2. "Zoom" In this hour of sometimes the camera can.

The former would I do in the track, the latter in the take. If the 10 version that can that would be yet another argument, perhaps to remain a little in Vegas.

Although I am pretty anstinkt unless I can use the 64bit version. Because I think once I have the noise reduction inside, I must render with bit 32, and then all of the other plugins synonymous with 32-bit available. So I can start with the 64 bit not really what ...

Love, Julian!

Antwort von Marco:

I can understand the frustration with the shortcomings of the 64-bit products, and the lack of 64-bit support good, but got no help at hand.
Especially as the Noise Reduction plug-in (and Cinescore) is concerned, there are several other synonymous disappointed. Since there is only for those who have mitgekauft the plugin on quasi Sound Forge, an alternative, namely the sound of Vegas from work on Sound Forge let and thus to use Sound Forge as a kind of plug-in in Vegas.
My advice has always discourages them, is going to use 64-bit version for a serious work, it vswenn is a plugin dependency.

First about an hour of over 10 hours and choose Pan & Crop "straighten" "
2. Hours sometimes the camera "zoom" Inside of this can be.

You want it but the first step, not before the (crude) do cut, right? I would do both steps in one go, which is here but the one that grouped Multicam no obstacle. Why is the first step to trace levels? You'd have to constantly readjust the neck but anyway.

"I can then synonymous a filter, a similar effect or, s.genau create a track within the Multi-Cam?"

You would first finish the cut, then fan out the tracks again and then filter / Effects Create trace level.


Antwort von JulianW:

You want it but the first step, not before the (crude) do cut, right? I would do both steps in one go, which is here but the one that grouped Multicam no obstacle. Why is the first step to trace levels? You'd have to constantly readjust the neck but anyway.

However, my workflow and my requirements are just not quite "normal."

It involves a camera, the one hour just was firmly on a tripod, while I was sitting firmly on my stool. And I think the cut stupid.

Since neither I nor the camera moves significantly, I would like to make a half long shot long shot. Since I have to follow no "head movements", like so. This is true, as I said, a longer piece, but by far not the complete film.

Therefore, the "midway" pretty well: It Track-level users, but not consistently. I do anyway rather than on clip-level again and again to make new. ;-)

Love, Julian!

PS: The Sony support I've also requested yesterday ... still no response. Tell me, is the plugin actually included free in Sound Forge? I read somewhere there was ...

Antwort von Marco:

Then make the correction but right after the release of the multi-cam feature. So in the phase in which is already only one video track exists, but no further cuts were made and are still good all the clips of a camera on track.
Then select first (select all events on the track with button and T of a camera to the next) the relevant camera.
Now correct the first event with Pan / Crop, select the first event, then CTRL + C, select all right click events on the track to finish, again right click and paste event attributes.
Be more difficult as a correction to track level, but in less than a minute to transfer all the events of the affected cameras.

For PiP Effect

I suppose the background on which the thumbnail picture of a camera to be imaged, is one of the other cameras?
Then again, a measure very beginning of the cam-stage, if only one lane is available and see it as synonymous still only a camera as an active take is.

Copy the track first in the right click function gauge head.

Now if you want to create a place s.irgendeiner PiP, you have a second multi-camera auto-track in the background, namely the second, copied track. Separating them s.den desired limits with the S-on button and choose the desired background camera via T-button.
The only additional work step is the bottom line is the unique copy of the cam track.

The Noise Reduction plug-in is actually part of Sound Forge. This is a nice synonymous Filter Bundle of iZotope. But after all, synonymous Sound Forge Pro costs ¬ 420.00.


Antwort von JulianW:

Since taking sound forge audio studio in Vegas included with the upgrade can be of sound forge audio study on Sound Forge Pro: 326 ¬. Ask synonymous help: Most of you get sony creative tore a coupon for 10 to 20%. And if the noise-reduction plug-in is already at 250 ¬ we are talking here about less than 100 ¬ difference ...

However, it is I do hate, reinzustecken in such a business policy or Money. Above all, more money than it would have been in a "clean" solution. That is so, by their own inadequacies Sonyverdinet more money than they would solve the problems ... that feels badly out of true ... !

Antwort von wolfgang:

Cinescore's just to say, unfortunately, synonymous nor that Sonyda has stopped development. As has been said, this is quite frustrating and sad, but unfortunately - and you have to secure our sympathy, if not synonymous uses.

Personally, I can only suggest synonymous to use the 32bit version but stable, synonymous with a 64 bit operating system. You are likely to find there rather small performance differences, if any. But we can only advise you whether you want to do that or not is dependent on you.

Antwort von Marco:

There you'll find in each Manufacturer similar shortcomings. Some permit with the purchase of a software license only a single application installation. The others offer no support at no additional charge. Some sell 32 - and 64-bit systems separately. Others provide updates only to free when it is pure bug fixes and more cash for the smallest features coal, etc.
That does not make things better, but to escape this one falls easily go from bad to worse ...


Antwort von JulianW:

Hi Wolfgang,

da0 software is set when they make a profit or simply ... if the Manufacturer wants, I can live with.

In the fall, but the process was very unfriendly, I did not get the info that there will be offers. The succinct comment of Sony: If you do not subscribe to our newsletter you are own fault.

Now I will not be bombarded with promotional offers, if it is set but the supply to a purchased product, then that's something else. So I would at least have loved to buy the old scores, so everything was kinda exciting. Shit happens ... too late.

I paid for a few scores about four times what would have been necessary, and am now sitting with a minimally-choice, because without supplies and without further development.

Why are the old scores are no longer sold, that's the absolutely incomprehensible to me. And the support of Sonywar containing synonymous simply a disaster.

As for the 32bit version, s.sich it would be not such a big issue, to use that version. It's more about me the way: to try to tell me that it is generous of Sonyja to run both versions in parallel suggests nunmal attention to violent Kundenunfreundlichkeit. That is what disturbs. Nothing against improvements, product settings and bugs, all this is normal. Only "customer-for-stupid-selling" I find the mark.

Love, Julian!

Antwort von JulianW:

That does not make things better, but to escape this one falls easily go from bad to worse ...

Therefore, I do three things:

1. Good thinking, be more active stay, do not set too much.
2. According to communicate so that such things do not go under.
3. ... ups, I forgot. Something still was. ;-)

Love, Julian!

Antwort von Marco:

"Third," is with me always drink espresso. Bomb-proof measure.


Antwort von JulianW:

Since I do not drink coffee that falls flat with me.

Alternative: look 9live. Or talk shows. This "contrast" seem to me the shortcomings of the Manufacturer always quite small. ;-)

Antwort von wolfgang:

So I can not remember s.keine announcement that Cinescore is set - I had the software already then, and was pleased but not synonymous. Simply because there is no further development. So hats may be given a notice, I do not know. Benefits not synonymous.

Why do not they sell the discs, the product will be sold next, I can not tell you. Would have been a time of interest, right. But they do not stop.

From a software purchase in the 32 as synonymous to offer the 64bit version, and to allow that you have both installed and used, however, this is not common. Who makes that? So that's a certain advantage, I think.

Antwort von JulianW:

From a software purchase in the 32 as synonymous to offer the 64bit version, and to allow that you have both installed and used, however, this is not common. Who makes that? So that's a certain advantage, I think.

When both versions were running clean ... not an issue. That in this case, the installation of the other version is allowed but is certainly not in the service of thought, but the fact that the 64bit version just is not "market" is.

If Sony's own software with the 64bit version is not yet clear and Sonyden would not allow "dual mode", then there would just mass support requests, such as Noise Reduction and Cinescore would now be run under 64bit ... that would work. This "solution" there is no work.

However, I do not see any advantage. The "solution" I doomed to a disastrous end work, and on the "double install" speaks out Sony oneself, to make improvements here do not. As banal (and customer unfriendly) I see this

To Ankünidgung:
Cinescore has been discontinued, and the last two months have been Verheizt the scores for $ 2.95. Had I bought all completely ... Finally, for the one-third of the normal price (I paid four months).

The announcement came via the newsletter. Say: If you have ticked at Sony Not that you want "advertising" get, then you do not get this announcement synonymous.

I then about a week "too late" in demand, and it was not prepared to allow me to even get scores. And I would just flat all, as a download version will have.


Dear alls, Julian!

Antwort von Marco:

I think the only pragmatic solution for you will probably be, to suspend the 64-bit version to use with the 32-bit version of Vegas for the optimum workflow and the multi s.Renderzeit to take in Purchase. This is probably the lesser evil.

"Alternative: Or. 9live talk shows. Watching with this" contrast "seem to me the shortcomings of the Manufacturer and over again quite small ;-)."

: D


Antwort von JulianW:

Right, I see as synonymous, the only sensible solution, it is not only the rendering time, but the preview quality synonymous, and that is to me is particularly important.

I've got a i7 with eight cores and 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 is 64 bit with an SSD drive installed, which is synonymous Vegas on it, and my main goal was: This preview cursed to have always accurate. I can not stand it if the pictures are skipped if it is blurred and the sound lags behind the picture (or vice versa).

Invest in such a system and then downgrade to the 32bit version is just frustrating. And after Sonyja not even a solution is in view (Cinescore will probably never run under 64 bit, for the noise-reduction plug-in there for at least two versions of Vegas no update) to me is simply the question whether the combination "Vegas / 64-bit "for the next few years is a dead end once that must be dodged.

The workflow is already clear. Compared to Sony, I introduce myself like to keep stupid, just because I am of the opinion that they want me for an idiot synonymous. I do not hope for a solution that would be very surprised if there is one, I imagine, ultimately only the question "Vegas or Premiere?".

Also exciting because I've been stuck in vierstelligenBereihc Money in plugins. ;-)

Love, Julian!

. And exactly this is for me the question in the R

Antwort von TheBubble:

You can not invite so easily of a 64-bit process in 32-bit components (eg from DLLs) and use. Thus fail the "old" plugins.

On the other hand: Are you confident in your use cases in general to benefit from the use of 64-bit version really? (This is the 64-bit OS is fine, it's about the application.)

As long as the Programs are not optimized, the 32-bit versions of plugins are not noticeably slower. As a plugin developer I would think twice now synonymous, whether a 64-bit version worth it at all or have only a relatively small number of appeals to users.

Antwort von JulianW:

The other way is a shoe out of it:

If Sony puts money into the development of the 64bit version, this will be allocated to the purchase price. Say: We all must be paid.

If the result is not usable but ... then why the development?

Currently the 64bit version is only used if no other plugins are used directly. Especially the people who invest in a 64bit system but use the synonymous to "expand" s.ehesten and more opportunities. The current "user group" for the 64bit version are precisely those of which I think they need it s.wenigsten: Those who have "accidentally" a 64-bit system, but not use plugins.

Somehow s.keinen sense.

Love, Julian!

Antwort von TheBubble:

"JulianW" wrote:

If the result is not usable but ... then why the development?

This is long-term view. At some point, when exactly, because you can only guess, 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit Programs will dominate.

However, it makes sense today to develop their Programs so that can be compile in a 64-bit version (and synonymous work). When done, you can certainly offer a 64-bit version (if you are willing to support the effort by two side by side to accept care options), so anyone could use even today synonymous. At least they can use plug-in developers who also want to prepare for a 64-bit future.

In time it will therefore probably be synonymous more 64-bit plug-ins. But as long as dominate 32-bit systems, the host program in a 32-bit version is available and has a 64-bit version for many users basically no real functionality added value (except that it now with the 64 -bit host works), one must understand that not all its plugins at once (or at all if you ever want to offer deprecated) in two variants.

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