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Frage von snowman5840:


and although I have very little experience with Sony Vegas. Habs already tried some time, but do not get out. So I ask here and after.

And although I want a video to assign an effect. However, this effect will always for the whole video! In the timeline where the video + Audi's inside, I see the effect did not synonymous? Where can I get the set so that the effect only for a certain time is active?

I hope who can help.



Antwort von Gysenberg:

Effect You can run a video, a clip in the timeline, the track or the entire output inflict. if you have the corresponding effect assigns. The basics, however, are in Vegas, a forum can not replace manual.
An example to solve your problem: You prefer a Effect with drag and drop onto the clip in the timeline. Then you can send it by keyframe animation, as desired, dynamically, as you want. Vegas is in terms of infinitely flexible. It requires a certain training period. Two weeks with manual you should indulge. Then you will be amazed.


Antwort von snowman5840:

've unfortunately not only printed manual. and with the pdfs I've never found exactly the video explains Effects.

Add An Effect is synonymous absolutely no problem. Even this change goes without problems. Only then is this always for the entire clip active. Does the irgndwie berenzen yes, without the clip to share


Antwort von Gysenberg:

Yes, you can logically him via keyframes are set to 0 - in the area of the clip in which you do not have effect.


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