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Frage von Snoop55:

So I have a text to Bring Light to do this but I do not have a black background and would like a text weisste Let the light should go:
so, in vegas, there is a bar "video fx" -> "light rays" -> "intense light rays" and pushing you to the scene, then it should auto open a window where you can adjust everything.
in the window, the car works, because the bottom is a bar area with a "box (which is so wien karo). In the bar, do a double click with a second. this requires you s.ende of the bar, so that one is s.anfang and the other s.ende. center left is a box with his point there. this point you can move. you click the first box the bar and then you move the dot to the left or right. then the box with the other just the same in the other direction. then creates a transitional
But where should this be karos etc. This bar is missing for me and I would like to ask how I can activate this bar with the plaids etc


Antwort von Snoop55:

Can I really keinr Help PLEASE


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