Infoseite // Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 + Platinium HDR-SR11 (AVCHD) = PERFECT!

Frage von videojojo:


I have the issue of DV editing AVCHD almost to a halt. Either the software was very choppy, or the export is not supplied the required resolution (Sony Vegas Pro 8). Platinium 9 has apparently closed the gaps. It is an AVCHD export to 1920 x 1080 is possible (rendering as ..). I can even see the final file in HD 1920x1080 File back to the camera and play back on the camera issue! (Back games on PMB)

The preview is unnecessary - what more could you want? (Processor Q6600 with 2GB Ram)

I would be your experience intressieren. So I'm excited:)

The 30-day trial software is available on the Sony Vegas Page to download. Is supposedly only available in English - but is installed in German:)


Antwort von wolfgang:

The "closing the gap" is synonymous to the fact that Movie Studio 9 has already improved the ability for AVCHD preview contains the first in Vegas Pro 8c will get. In fact you get now on a 2.4 Ghz Q6600 the 25 fps, but the advance has more than 3 Ghz requires.

Currently, there are still a problem - the combination
- Q6600
- German Vista versions (which no preference)

lead to the rendering AVCHD in 1920 crossfades crashes.

Under XP, however, the case without these crashes - and the preview capabilities on a Q6600 2.4 Ghz are quite good!

The thing is, where and s.Sonynext of which will be investigated.


Antwort von domain:

What is actually the current state of affairs when native AVCHD editing in terms of real-time capability in the preview when eg a color correction is carried out? Must be here in any case previously Vorschaurendern carried out?


Antwort von wolfgang:

The tools discussed here can, but you must not carry out Vorschaurendern. It is synonymous to the preview Resolutionfür temporarily reduce the real-time capabilities to reduce.


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