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Sony Vegas suitable for "beginners"?

Frage von Mercutcio:
November 2009

Bin () was actually pretty soon I decided to get Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro Pack version, but now after I've heard many places that have the entrance Vegas "newbies" is anything but easy, I was a little insecure.

I realize that it is not at Vegas is an absolute Beginners Program (synonymous when I myself am probably more of a following I have only a few experiences with old versions of Magic) and they familiarize themselves synonymous "will have to be blind see with the program to handle, but I'm actually already been assumed to be supplied with the program has a user manual / basic tutorials that help to an entry.
Is it so or I would be completely on my own? (as is currently with the demo version, which provides for me a big question mark there)

I own a JVC HD camera of which only spits out tod files and therefore prefer Sony Vegas. I want long term synonymous in the media / film division to operate and have therefore synonymous nothing against a program, I understand that even synonymous use in a few years - with proffesional knowledge - too.
But if you really need to figure it all themselves or have better English-knowledge would have that would be 100 euros Investion probably a little too much for someone like me.

So, how bad it is appointed for at Beginners / Beginners / novices with Vegas?

Antwort von Marco:

As is the integration and intuitive handling of software is perceived, is very subjective and often depends on whether and how extensively has previously worked with similar programs.

English skills are not to work in Vegas Movie Studio Pro or necessary. And you should have some time with Movie Studio have worked satisfactorily, but increasingly you feel limited in your options, you can upgrade of Movie Studio for any cost of Vegas Pro, as it is for this specific upgrade Prices.

An Introduction in almost all program functions inside of an hour you will find the training videos of Sony Creative Software to handle the true Vegas Pro, but can be used for about 90 percent in the same way for movie studio.

Anyone who has seen the training videos, you can get additional guidance on the handling of the program, the Program's interactive tutorials. They are very well designed, especially since they require the operator to implement s.Programm directly, instead of allowing him only to watch passively.

Finally, to remain as an aid (except for the extensive help menu of the program), various forums, such as www.vegasforum.de And if all this is not enough, next year synonymous book a seminar for fast and intense training (both for Vegas as synonymous ) for movie studio.


Antwort von darg:

NICT I know why Vegas is always described as being complicated and not intuitive. Jahrenden ago I started with Pinnacle Studio version whatever. Since the newer versions of far too many bugs and HDV was not supported, I was looking for a new NLE and have gone through several test versions of such products and Vegas was one of the few relatively simple design and was easy to learn. Since there is a lot worse á la Adobe products, etc., which seem to me a mystery and in turn set an impossible work flow ....
Do you just download a picture and invite yourself test versions and try them out, really with a Project, and not just spielerein.

Antwort von domain:

The first impression of all complex NL editors is always the same, you're almost beaten Of the plethora of functions, since there is no distinction of any other NLE and certainly not of Vegas.
However, after a certain learning curve, you can not understand any more that anyone else can ever be so stupid, not all intuitively understand and immediately became one.
So comment on any hardcore user, no preference about which NLE is: accept the program of our group, there is nothing better and you will understand it right away.

Antwort von Kabuum:

For me, Sony Vegas was (Pro) synonymous my first video software. Thanks to the built-in tutorials, the learning process, however, proceeded remarkably well.

In hindsight, I must say that I had to get it even faster if I had looked at the many video tutorials on Youtube then.

My Conclusion is clear: Sony Vegas (Pro) is synonymous well suited for beginners.

Antwort von domain:

The synonymous applies to all other newcomers who have taken the trouble of careful training, no preference in what NLE. So your statement is highly subjective and therefore unimportant.

Antwort von meawk:

So - Sony Vegas is for me the no. 1, especially if one wants to work with AVCHD. Look at the duration of the whining MAC user with a view to the AVCHD editing in all forums of this world s.and You know what I mean;)

Also recommended for beginners to absolute. . . But without practice, practice, practice is synonymous's not there.

PS: You still do not even need the Pro version. . .
Download them once the trial version of Vegas Movie Studio 9 down; kannste 30 days for free without any restrictions.

Antwort von domain:

A certain degree of objectivity would only expect someone who at the same time as a newcomer to the 5 top programs must einarbeiteten and then reported. Everything else is reporting the view of an ant, consisting of its clusters.

Antwort von Kabuum:

"domain" wrote:
Everything else is reporting the view of an ant, consisting of its clusters.

Boy, what has bitten you, then?

"domain" wrote:
So your statement is highly subjective and therefore unimportant.

The question was very simple: "Can we get along as a beginner with Sony Vegas?". My response: "I was / am beginner and for me this has worked out great."

This is a clear response to an obvious question.

Antwort von domain:

I shall now give a clear answer to a broader more general question: each entry comes with every NLE handle great.

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