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Sony-Camcorder wird plötzlich nicht mehr erkannt ... :-(

Sony camcorder is suddenly no longer recognizes ... :-(

Frage von Superully:
September 2005


'm New here, so erstmal s.alle HELLO!

And, like I can get started with a problem:
I have a SonyDCR-TRV16 and working with Pinnacle Studio 9 I connect the camcorder via a Firewire cable with the Calculator.
The other day I had something filmed, and wanted to transfer the material onto the calculator, there was suddenly recognized the camcorder is no longer of Pinnacle. Damn, I thought to myself, I probably geschrottet the Firewire port, because I had plugged the cable accidentally turned on your camcorder. I tested synonymous s.einem other rear Firewire port - same result.

Now I have borrowed a trial basis but a friend of his camcorder - and this is recognized synonymous s.keinem Firewire connection ... :-(

From this I conclude: the Firewire ports, you can not really be broken, neither s.Calculator still s.Camcorders. So there must be something else, but what?

I have Windows XP with Service Pack 2, it seems to be reading that this should make combined with Sony Cams problems, but for me everything ran without a hitch so far. I've installed nothing new and synonymous change any settings.

The Firewire card appears in Device Manager are synonymous to - where would the camcorder?

Wäre echt super if you could help me somehow, I'm really s.verzweifeln!

Thank you for the first time, Ully

Antwort von strbrany:


synonymous'm new. have a SonyDCR-HC17. So, the question is erstmal whether responding when you connect the camcorder, the system after switching on the device! In the Device Manager must be something like DV Camera (with imaging devices or so) and any other FireWire interface, in addition to the OHCI PCI-1394, for Pinnacle and other Programs yes no business itself, but to ask the system: What do you have? And if that is nothing, is nothing. You have another Firewire device that is recognized even s.den connections? Have you ever tried with USB? In the circumstances Sonykann synonymous again free up the firewire detection ". Either way, uninstall the drivers, then reinstall!
I capture ne another question: The video-capture tool can indeed, but not code. minutes after 6, I already have a 2.1 GB file. Are there similar to the TV capturing a way to compress during the transfer to PC synonymous equal to?

Antwort von Markus:

"Ully" Superully "" wrote:
The Firewire card appears in Device Manager are synonymous to - where would the camcorder?

Hello Ully,

the camcorder you find in Windows XP under Imaging Devices as "AVC compliant DV tape recorder or with the respective Manufacturer and model name.

See synonymous:
" Wenn Firewire nicht (richtig) funktioniert
" Caution Canon users: Sensitive DV Interface (-> static discharges)

Antwort von Markus:

"strbrany" wrote:
The video capture tool can capture true, but not code. minutes after 6, I already have a 2.1 GB file.

If you are playing the same digital video via firewire on the calculator, you will need approximately 13 GB per hour videotape. What software (setting) do you capture? Please go back

Antwort von strbrany:

Hi, thank you,

I've already read a lot about ... but nowhere a similar question arose. Probably seem to be an issue. Where eg VirtualDub but perfectly capturing a movie in the TV immediately with the stream can also compress any of the existing codecs. Then I have a 2-hour movie as an AVI file at around 2-3 GB in good DVD quality (full resolution, video and audio compression at 3000 kbit / s, MPG2 Audio Layer). And in Premiere, I can even remove) rausschneiden still frame by frame (blocks of commercials, without that the film would still be sent uncompressed scratch. Then, by the TMPG encoder, and DVD-Lab makes me then the files for a DVD. I had naively assumed that there would be no problem at all, synonymous of a different video card as the source of a TV, that of a camcorder to record such a film.

The tool that I can be as much as WinDV (habs I have just downloaded), it says: Video Capturng tool and one of Picture Package. It ought to be just a menu in which one selects the codec itself, with which one's digital material that walks in through firewire would compress. Can not quite understand why it does not exist?

Strbrany [/ quote]

Antwort von Superully:

Thank you for your reply, now there is news:

I have attached two cams with another well-known views, both synonymous with different cables, and BOTH are recognized without problems.

that is, for me: the firewire camcorders interface s.den in no case are broken. I would exclude the firewire plug s.rechner synonymous, because there I have both s.der one front and back sides s.der two - and the three places is if I break down in front of the camcorder Reinstecken surely not synonymous possible.

Thus: it must be a software problem. fakt is that I have changed nothing (maybe some windows update), but service pack 2 had been top s.drauf and everything has always worked. what would you suggest now?

Antwort von strbrany:


As I said, remove the entire camcorder-Drivers and reinstall software. Will it aufgeeführrt in Device Manager, the camera somehow, and only then if the camera is connected and switched on, it would appear most two new points, one point even with Firewire and an additional imaging device at the Camera! The computer must respond to Camera dei, otherwise no processing software can recognize them!


Antwort von Markus:


In case of doubt, I would separate me from SP2. Look again prior to the patch. While this helps to only a few cases, but perhaps you're in luck: Firewire patch for XP SP2 / (-> there you will find a link to download - but if he's still working?).

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