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Frage von Bernd E.:

Only a few weeks it is until the NAB trade show in April and gradually lift the veil on the expected Firsts. Some of it is announced some time ago, some come as a surprise, but the NAB 2011 promises to always be interesting. Here are the novelties of Sony, so far as known:

1. "NXCAM 35"
The little brother of the PMW-F3 is expected to be for many the most important new Sony, because it is the direct competitor to Panasonic AF101. Equipped with the S35 sensor of the F3, a top of the housing fitting 3.5 "- Display with folding waist (; probably similar to the EX3 viewfinder) and two removable handles (; right and above, the latter with two XLR microphone inputs and directional microphone allows), he recorded with AVCHD 1080p25 and 1080p50. Available shortly after the NAB show "under 7000 dollars."

2. Broadcast compact camcorder for harsh environments
Water-, sand-and dust-proof, with 96GB of internal memory and the same detachable XLR-handle as the 35th NXCAM Available shortly after the NAB show "under 3500 dollars."

3. Compact camcorder with 3D Studio
One of the "off-road version of" similar model, but not waterproof, but with double optics for 3D with FullHD twice in 1080i60, 1080p50 or 1080p24. Available s.Sommer 2011 for "under 3500 dollars."
Source for both:

4. High-end cinema cameras with 8K and a color sub-sampling of 16:8:8
Prototype sensor with 8K (; 8768 x 2324 pixels) in the S35 format, variable frame rate 1 - 120fps, 16-bit RAW output and a color sub-sampling of 16:8:8. Which is recorded at 4K downsampled Picture, as usual in this class, on a Dockrekorder, which is designed for the equally new SR-memory cards. Card sizes of up to 1TB this with a data rate of 5 Gb / s described - is about four times faster than that of SxS. The launch date is still unknown.


Antwort von Jott:

Will Sony's well know and show the RED force, he took it. Exciting!


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