Infoseite // SonyAX2000 roars, the sound?

Frage von schloerg:


Does anyone have an AX2000 and have experience with it? I am particularly interested in whether the sound is ok, or if there is too much noise? Both the internal Miks as synonymous with a mic that you can connect via the XLR connection.

The NX5 I have tested, there is the noise performance very well. In another forum someone has vociferously about the noise of the complaining AX2000. I would like to buy one of the cameras and am glad to experience a first hand account.

Greetings from Zurich


Antwort von rush:


according to some sources, the AX2000 and the NX5 differ so not very strong ... other sources, or when talking with the dealers tell the NX5 do it again was "quite different" of the Signal Processing etc.

What's wrong now I can not really judge.

I only had the AX2000 in the hand - have certainly not made any audio test but I concentrated more on's Picture. Handling, Sharpness, LCD display and viewfinder are really great.

The picture looks very good from s.sich synonymous - but there was a reason I was held by the Purchase. The picture appeared in my view, in part, a bit restless. I do not know if it was with the CMOS / rolling shutter or more to do with the stability ... But in s.sich quiet picture I had some moving passages feel the Picture itself.

On youtube and so we find that synonymous with "jello" effect ower "wobble" ...

At Ask Sonydiesbezüglich one has told me only that such a problem does not exist and can produce at fast CMOS Beweungen these typical Effect ... Okay - but I knew and was not the problem.

If you have a chance .. Camera in your hand, try and clean memory card itself and then test the sound synonymous:)

The NX5, the AX2000 at least the advantage over synonymous in PCM / uncompressed capture what the risk of clipping / compression artifacts certainly diminishes.


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