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Frage von Q-Panic:

Hello. I have the following problem: My SonyDCR-PC1000E is not recognized by my laptop.

Until now I had joined them s.Desktop a built-in Firewire card. I had to use a 4pin-6pin cable. As soon as I turned on the cam, it has been recognized of WinXP Sp2.

Now I've gained a laptop: Fuijutsu Siemens M 1437G. Has a 4-pin Firewire connection with Texas Instruments Drivers. Now my 4pin-6pin cable does not fit, so I bought a 6pin-4pin adapter. Thus it does not run.

I have the adapter but with the same cable and an external hard drive and tried out which was immediately recognized.

I then connected the adapter and the cable s.der map of the desktop (which is synonymous) a 4-pin connector, but is doing nothing is synonymous. Only if I omit the adapter and go into the 6pin connector is detected, the Cam.

So, what do you think? What's the problem? The Firewire card, I have disabled in Device Manager as a network card. That's not it. Is it easy s.Adapters. I need to buy me a Doppel4-pin cable? Had to get over you, but I do not quite understand why it does not work with the adapter.

Thanks for the help.


Antwort von Markus:

"Q-Panic" wrote: Is it easy s.Adapters. I need to buy me a Doppel4-pin cable?

exactly what I would have thought synonymous. Maybe you just try it out again?!

Link with more info:


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