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Sony DCR105 oder Canon DC 100  -  oder doch Mini DV ?

SonyDCR105 or Canon DC 100 - or at least mini-DV?

Frage von monacnet:
Juni 2006


My wife would like a camcorder to film in order for our child. It is with certainty only press the button and either residing with subtleties still want to post with.

I will be behind rausschneiden only completely wayward sequences on the PC settings for hours and reduce to a tolerable level. Then everything on normal DVD and burn Fettich.

I think this DVD camcorder for s.Praktischten that take place because of the simple and dub on the PC. The relatively short duration of the DVD is for these purposes in order, I think.

We have a very good digital camera, the cam is going to use it so rarely photographed for.

What do you think of my novice opinion - I lie completely wrong?

What do you think of my pre-selection of cams and what would you prefer?

Is the difference in quality DVD / DV tape really striking when one of the only described make me want to rework?

Help me please - quickly, because her birthday is coming: o)

Thank you,

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Rob,

Now if you aim for a simple or complex video editing is almost no preference. In both cases, a DVD camcorder is not the right one for you.

Learn More:
DVD camcorders make here in the forum again and again for anger and frustration, weil ..

Antwort von monacnet:

Hi Markus,

Thank you for your answer. Above all, your links have convinced me that I let the fingers of DVD cams. I have now synonymous (begin to) understand what lies. So is not just a resolution problem and others, but the fault lies in the system.
Since I have absolutely no desire to watch me exclusively uncut material, I'll find myself on the ner MiniDV.

Register me again if I had a little incorporated into this topic.


Antwort von monacnet:


After I rumgesucht now a little bit, I find the Canon MV 960 very interesting, especially since they at Dixons (now France) is offered for just under ¬ 400.
The only disadvantage, which opens up to me as an inexperienced layman at first glance, the USB port, since there is no "2" stands behind them, hope that not sooo bad effect. But with USB2 cams are equally more expensive.
Synonymous think that the slim design is well suited for my wife (small hands) and you like better: o)

With the MV960 wrong I do not lie, right?

Have a nice day,

Antwort von Jan:


So basically for Canon cameras is not as strong as in the photo area, so the only changes s.Semiproklasse s.ca ¬ 1700.

Well yes you shall buy your cam where you like, but if a warranty repair ansteht Canon Germany is compared with the serial number and if there is no Canon product is Germany, then to 90% Cam will not be repaired on warranty. Canon is very strict with the warranty provisions, eg I heard Panasonic has
guarantee a truly global service, other companies only s.der higher price range, well you could synonymous luck.

A customer with Canon MV 900 IT Camera was rejected at my Of Canon Repair happy but not guaranteed. Well somewhere needs to come from the import price synonymous, although you have the dealer warranty but the Internet companies will not remember most or how easy Bananamedianet.s.schlagen Brash ¬ 20 service charge on it.

I say this now, not only because I work in a shop, some entry-level models, I have almost as synonymous for a price very similar as eg GS 27 289 ¬ EC product with full warranty S Germany, German Instructions / menu.

Again the question is the MV 950 offers USB Full Speed, who is there to Stillimage's / Motion JPEG movies download of your memory card or misuse it as a webcam, USB high-speed gibts only at Canon MVX 4i / 45i. The film has (is synonymous better so be dubbed) with Firewire.

Yes MV 950 - minus point clearly drive noise, very safe + period stability, very good light sleep recordings and Reels 16 / 9 as the only company in the class, at Sonyerst s.HC 44 180. at Pana GS

I would spend 450-500 ¬ and buy the Panasonic GS 180 - there are in the class hardly credible competitors, maximum SonyHC 44 / 46.


Antwort von monacnet:


Antwort von Markus:

"monacnet" wrote:
... the USB port, stands there is no "2" behind it, hope that not sooo bad effect.

"Jan" wrote:
... Gibts USb high speed only when Canon MVX 4i / 45i. The film has (is synonymous better so be dubbed) with Firewire.

No bad things really do not know if a camcorder does not have USB2.0 interface. Especially as USB2.0 high speed alone does not mean. ;-)

Learn More:
" 1st FireWire FAQ">(b) Firewire or USB?
" USB 2.0 does not mean automatic high-speed data rate

Antwort von monacnet:

The light s.end of the tunnel is getting brighter (even extends almost to shoot: o)
Unfortunately, Canon said in its prospectus nothing of the Firewire - because it is disguised as DV In / Out (for the MV960) and s.anderer agency explains that this is an IEEE1394 interface. Because you need a bloody Beginners draufkommen first time, especially as Canon in the same brochure in other models of "USB Hi-Speed interface for quick upload of videos and photos to the PC" talks.

Luckily, my calculator - courtesy s.der front - a 6-pin FireWire connector (near the module for MMC / SD memory cards and others, of where I then synonymous like the photos taken directly to the rüberkopier hard drive - practically)
The speed seems therefore to be no longer an issue.

Thanks Mark, would you for your insightful remarks relating to "Firewire and USB" on the idea, for example, that large differences in the quality of the fit are the times that I did not come (in the music field gehts in quality only by shielding, cable quality, etc, but the times could always fit properly - it now actually synonymous) expect

Get me the time s.Samstag Cams Watch closely in a shop and take in hand, and I already see, for what I decide.

Sunny greetings from the south

Antwort von monacnet:

... and dear asker, do not forget to post the final solution to your problem here!


1. after you have convinced me of the MiniDV
2. (synonymous for me because of community contributions), only Sony, Panasonic or Canon and came into question
3. one for our purposes TripleCCD exaggerated and seemed too expensive, I have finally added this week s.Montag the Canon MV 960 on Pixmania.fr (because as we said in France) to live ordered. Thursday morning, they came by post from me (via the Internet were all very trackable).
¬ 406.90 incl shipping, Battery with Charger, various audio cable, remote control with batteries, carrying strap and padded carrying case, and Pinnacle Studio 9SE, and two Fuji cassettes, each 60 minutes, because you can not complain, especially since the cam around here in shops 100 ¬ is more expensive.

I tested it yet, of course, is supposed to be a birthday present for my wife. Therefore, the small size for me was synonymous one argument: the NV-GS 180 is indeed about twice as thick

Yes MV 950 - minus point clearly drive noise

Answer 1: If I invest ¬ 400 for technology, I want to hear synonymous!

Answer 2: Sanso-smoothed mass Kino's available in Hollywood, true auteur films need the touch authenticity

: o): o)

Well, now time imErnst: somewhere you have to do with the price cuts indeed.

The birthday is only the beginning of July, so I can post synonymous only in about one months experience a brief report.

At the end of a question: there is choice in relation to the cassette tape, Manufacturer, or playing time any tips, or is it pretty damn?

At this point: Danke schon mal für Eure previous advice, I hope to have made the right choice.

See you soon


Antwort von Nightfly!:

"monacnet" wrote:
Yes MV 950 - minus point clearly drive noise

Answer 1: If I invest ¬ 400 for technology, I want to hear synonymous!

Yes indeed! So on the recording I would not have the noise.
You look at the DVD s.and then hears a beautiful "confused confused confused w.."

Better think again with the GS of Pana, or you're on the nostalgia-trip and lay the Filmrollenton in the background? ;-) "G"


Antwort von Jan:

And please, if possible no Sony Premium tapes vewenden at Canon & JVC, are strangely in models of both companies, the head drum s.schnellsten contaminated, if you have used Sony Premium tapes. But Volume question is relative, I like eg no Emtec tapes, and another here in the forum has had only positive experiences with it.

The drive sounds are noticed even the blindest magazines here in Dtl, when you hear quiet passages really - SrSrSrSr - like a constant wheezing Tiger ...


Antwort von Nightfly!:


"Jan" wrote:
And please, if possible no Sony Premium tapes vewenden at Canon & JVC, are strangely in models of both companies s.schnellsten polluted the head drum ...

Hast du da synonymous experience for Sony Excellence tapes and Panasonic (you as Pana) expert.


Antwort von Jan:

I am just not an expert with 29 years of my (probably quite a good knowledge in the consumer sector), but really it had landed a number of Canon & JVC Camera Customer Service and surprisingly quickly in a very short time and strangely all the customers had only used Sony Premium. At Canon XM 2 problems could be heard very often synonymous, the Sony premium has been used. My repair man as I can tell Something.

SonyExecellence tapes with Chip, I've used more frequently because there's never really complain about what is upheld in principle synonymous no preference which banner Premium is so cheap and popular with customers, even the Panasonic YE tapes can sell bad - rigor the customer.


Antwort von Markus:

"Jan" wrote:
The drive sounds are noticed even the blindest magazines here in Dtl ...

The original sound of Super8 shooting was still the best: During the recording we heard the loud whir of the camera and the projector has the screening synonymous played well - even though most of S8 films were silent.

Funny, is not it? ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

Nice that you're back, Mark, you were at a well-deserved vacation?, Here it is already become a little quiet.


Antwort von Markus:

It depends certainly synonymous together with the World Cup. Germany will lose tomorrow against Italy and then takes the participation of the fans here synonymous again. ;-)

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