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Frage von artisthh:


I have on Ebay, the aforementioned unit auction.

The mixer has 4 BNC INPUTS

So my problem:
I have tested all the inputs
BNC SVHS Input 2 and Input 3 does not rest.
This is a clear sign that it is defective.

But the fact that many inputs are defective aufeinmal is synonymous unlikely of times so I wanted to ask if perhaps any shortcuts to some sources there to spear or unlock.

The big four buttons are clear, perhaps even stop other settings.


Antwort von tv-man_sh:

Quote: Keyboard shortcuts are a few sources to spear or unlock
All the boards properly seated in their slots? During transport, without proper packaging may be because some schonmal solve / break.
If the electronics unit synonymous with all boards fitted?
Are all entrances to the signal-to-E E looping?
If the peripheral synonymous with the s.Mischer based sync signal and coupled to this measured?
Where is the / monitor (s) connected (PGM Out / PRV-out)?
The DSF-500 is no toy Blöd ala-market philosophy "Plug and Play".


Antwort von artisthh:

has been resolved thank you


Antwort von PowerMac:

The horse is called "S-Video" and not "S-VHS".


Antwort von holbi:

End of the 80s were the first S-VHS connections with the then-new S-VHS camcorders. With the spread of digital camcorder then word has S-video connection for these enforced. Actually both are correct.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Would like to know in what way it has done ...


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