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Sony DSR-PD150, Tonaussetzer beim überspielen auf PC, braucheDringend Hilfe

SonyDSR-PD150, dubbing the sound skips on PC, braucheDringend Help

Frage von howdiepowdie:
September 2009


have the following problem:

Own a SonyDSR-PD150. I bought this used at Picture the country.

Great shots fold. However, I have the latest, after about 1-2 min when transferred to PC via Firewire minimal sound skips, sometimes more sometimes less. The picture is completely wrong.

When I look at the Recording on the Camera and Looking and listening => NO dropouts.

In action:


tested on various PCs:
on my Athlon XP 2600 +, 2 GB RAM
core on a quad, with 4 GB of RAM

each with 2 different firewire cards in both computers:

of a cheap Hama
and ordered an extra, because I thought it is s.der Firewire card
Exsys 6410 => still Tonnaussetzer

Software used:

Sony Vegas 6.0 and
With Adobe Premiere 7.0

The sound skips occur not only already in the "capture on", but play synonymous with. So if the respective PC software controls the camera and going on the miniDV tape.

URGENT please help, as I have planned this weekend, important film. Thank you very much

Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

if the recordings of the action are played OK, so nothing is lost.

I would do the following:

- From playing the file times on the PC, sound skips always s.der same place? Then the drop outs in the file are available. If they are s.verschiedenen bodies, your calculator has a problem.
- The capture times with another MiniDV tape. If the misfire gone, the Firewire port of Cam Hau one away.

I have many years the tapes of my PD 170 with a lowest cost of MiniDV Sharp captured. Is wonderful.

Antwort von howdiepowdie:

Wow, that was ne quick response.

Ok. Did I really synonymous suggested that maybe the Firewire interface is a Hau has gone. So I think you may ne super cheap mini dv cam as the take here: http://www.amazon.de/JVC-GRD815EG-Camcorders-33-fach- display / dp/B00134YL52/ref = sr_1_10? Ie = UTF8 & s = ce-de & qid = 1251961810 & sr = 8-10 (which I certainly do not buy, because until Saturday before is not there, then I'll go briefly to the media was about to capture market) and to not be a problem? all clear.

However, I must tell you, this is of course erstmal this warranty (have) still 6 Mo Gebrauchtgarantie. However, this help me for the weekend out of this mess. Shall I try it. Thank you very much.

Echt cooles forum. Super

Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

No problem:
But please note:

- MiniDV recording format, not DV Cam
- Not recording in long play mode!

Antwort von howdiepowdie:

All clear. Thank you for all the tips.

Antwort von DWUA:

Have you ever tried a different FW cable?
(If cheaper than equal to 'ne new "Capture-bitch", the one
Incidentally, first of synonymous friend could rent).
Otherwise, it all sounds really under warranty.


Antwort von howdiepowdie:

hello DWUA,

clearly synonymous new cable I have ever tried, and I'm trying now to a colleague with MAC, capture of the camera on and check out the recorded thereafter in order to pronounce a final verdict. I'm already at least 3-4 days with this crap access. Frankly, it bothers colossal. Actually, I was not going to spend so much coal for ne semi-professional camera, which will not work correctly. What good are my class pictures when the sound is crap. Of course I will, to save the weekend to buy me at Media Markt ne minidv cam to capture, is it really the DV Firewire output are, and then enter the inside of 14 days back. Then I send back the Sony ...

Antwort von howdiepowdie:

It seems to prove true to what had been suspected Kar.El.Gott synonymous. The DV / out of SonyCam has a Hau weg. Audio dropouts also on the MAC.

Now I check one last time the belt material on the camera and try to do that again with a different capturing MiniDV Cam.

Thank s.Euch fast for the help.

Antwort von carstenkurz:

What have you got paid for the Camera? The DV-Out s.sich should not be broken, otherwise you would have problems synonymous with the video. At what point as internal audio is blocked, hard to say. I wonder whether this kind of camera is something like a reset ;-)

In any case, very unusual, if the audio during the import s.der camera itself is audible, but is not transmitted via IR. Sometimes it still pays to go with the thing to the service rather than take advantage of the warranty.

Perhaps once the basic settings in the camera (SP, etc.), and then again nen test record and dub. Who knows ...

- Carsten

Antwort von howdiepowdie:

Audio is transmitted, but at least make themselves apparent after 1-2 min minimal sound skips to screw up the whole recording.

Recording outplayed and I made dozens already. Of course, once synonymous with completely new tapes, etc. ... etc. .. Settings I do not know what can be recruited as nor false.

In LP mode, I'll generally does not occur.

So are my settings:

SP mode
48 kHz audio
DV not (DV Cam)

Like I said, I just now once again the strip material on the camera itself reviewed irreproachable => no audio dropouts.

Get today at any rate with any other MiniDv Cam tape dubbing to the PC and then see the result.

Best wishes Richard

Antwort von carstenkurz:

Are you sure that the intercept of the sound from the camera these brief dropouts not obscured, or are the conspicuous enough?

- Carsten

Antwort von howdiepowdie:

The dropouts are indeed minimal but noticeable enough. The headphone jack of the camera perfectly, even when one would hear the dropouts.

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