Infoseite // SonyFullHD TV as a preview monitor in AE ?????

Frage von miohn:

Hi folks,

times would need your help please.
I would like to help with my 2nd older graphics card (; GForce 8800GT) on my new Bravia LCD TV via DVI-HDMI cable to use as a preview monitor.
(; MacPro, 12 GB Ram, current graphics card is HD Radeon 3870 Mac Edition,
Windows 7 and 2 Samsung monitors)

After I said in my MacPro my older 2nd graphics card (; Gforce 8800GT) I also installed installed, it will be of Windows 7 synonymous easily detected and the NVidia drivers installed.

Active seems to work only the ATI Catalyst Drivers or Controllcenter be. Now correctly shows me my 2 Samsung (monitors; Radeonkarte to s.der ATI) and the SonyTV (; s.der GForce card).
So far so good.

Now I have over Catalyst Controllcenter 2 options:

1. I can not turn SonyTV as 3rd Monitor use and extend the entire desktop so over 3 monitors.
Or 2 the SonyTV out of line off completely.

In both cases, however, can not the SonyTV After Effects
Select a preview monitor or use. The appears not. Which of course was my real goal.

How do I have for the whole set, so that works?

Thanks and LG


Antwort von Mylenium:

"miohn" wrote:
How do I have for the whole set, so that works?

Because there's nothing to configure. For such games you will need appropriate drivers with the appropriate AE plugin, and which now meets only once for proper video card (AJA, BMD, Matrox).



Antwort von miohn:

Hi Mylenium,

dear thanks for the advice!

Did not know that with a standard, 2nd graphics card does not work.
've Ever seen in the Prefs that an external monitor as
Preview Monitor can run and thought, this can not be so
be complicated.
Have now thinned out many times on this issue the web.
Somehow, I find nothing about it. Neither will the AE Manual sowas just yet explained elsewhere in the network.

That means I would have to me (as a cost effective solution so) a
Intense Pro Show Of Black Magic Buy?
Wants to invest so much, since video editing is not my
Main area. I must capture not synonymous. Only the preview I'd like to stop in order to be processed into 3D Video Works AE, synonymous to see in full HD and to be able to judge.

Thanks and LG


Antwort von miohn:


I just pushed on AFXCast (plugin to preview in AE).

That is exactly what I need and all works fine
except for one small thing;

I do the window, before I knew it with "esc" fix, not all the way up. It jumps back again and again, so I get up a narrow black stripes and the bottom of the picture is missing exactly this part.

The function "maximize", which could berwerkstelligen probably is, unfortunately, gray and not selectable.

Has anyone of you that experience?
Lies with me, perhaps s.Windows 7?

Thanks and LG


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