Infoseite // SonyHC-DCR19E is s.Notebook (Win2000 + PCMCIAFirewire) not detected

Frage von gnoi:

I have no internal s.meinem Laptop Firewire port and a PCMCIA card so concerned with Firewire connection. The Firewire card is displayed in the Control Panel error as "VIA OHCI compatible IEEE 1394 Host Controller" and works with my external hard drive.

My Camera SonyHC-DCR19E is not recognized, however. On the desktop PC to detect the camera with the same software works fine ... that is, neither the camera nor cable, or Firewire interface is broken ... But something goes wrong.

When operating the way, I use Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 Has anyone an idea? I have been here for hours rumgesucht in the forum, but so far found no evidence with which I could solve my problem. Most relate to XP-specific problems ... In another forum, there was once a man who had a problem synonymous with its PCMCIA card, which could be solved, but the fact that he has angschlossen multiple devices simultaneously s.seine map ... synonymous then worked his camera ... works for me but not synonymous.

Has anyone an idea?
I'm desperate!

Greeting Gnoi


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

I have two Firewire PCMCIA cards. One can control the camera with no external power supply - so alone out of the bus - and the other may be a supplementary cable, either via Neztteilstecker or via a USB power adapter. Then it works without problems synonymous with the card.

Wohlbemerkt I am talking about Vin 6-4-ie, without power supply cables of the camera! So it is just a matter of controlling the electronics. And it is not without additional power supply with one of the two cards. The camera is recognized, however, only - it does nothing.

Then, however, indicates synonymous to your problem: nally is probably the drivers loaded.

Or you are running Camera and s.gleichen hard drive controller? This is usually a disaster - at least in practice ...


Antwort von hannes:

> Or you are running s.gleichen Camera and hard drive controller? This is usually a disaster - at least in practice ...

I have a PCMCIA card in the laptop of EXSYS.
Since the turn depends ext. s.ihr hard drive and the camera.
I use the 2nd Port for klappts not.
Is captured on the ext. Plate.
Problems gabs noch nie!


Antwort von venzolo:

Can there be a thing of the (disk enclosure) controller. For me every mode change of the camera play sets, recording, On, Off, Forward, Backward ... denBus back and the plate is logged in the system.


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