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Frage von Pebowski:

I want to capture HDV material with Premiere CS3. The camera is synonymous detected, but the recording button is not responding. Does this combination generally not, or I missed a setting. When I capture the tape with the Sony software, I can capture the generated files in CS3, it will go with HDVSplit probably synonymous, but is there a way synonymous directly into CS3?

LG Peter


Antwort von berndundvideo:

Hi Peter!
Premiere CS3 can indeed) to read the MPEG2 format and edit, but not of (start the camcorder as m2t. There is a special program of Sony, which is shipped with the camcorder and is free. This then works without problems. After importing the recording then with CS3 - and everything should go well. Wishing you every success Bernd


Antwort von Pebowski:

Hello Bernd!
Just as you described it, I'll do it now. I was just unclear whether there is a direct way synonymous. Thanks for confirming my suspicion - now I need not look further.
Beautiful Sunday


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