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Frage von Videorein:

I have a problem with my above-mentioned camera.
at wide-angle shots with a lot of image content such as: (deciduous forest, flower beds, flower meadows) under very bright light, it comes during playback flickering occasionally.
I have the camera already 2 x can check.
Apparently no error has been made.
A statement of the maintenance service (from Geissler, Reutlingen, Germany) was that maybe the Television this high data rate can not process, as today's devices are designed more to Pal-standard.
This I can not imagine not.
I have a high-quality Philips Full HD LCD television on, the playback is via HDMI.
That would then mean synonymous sure that man with the even higher
AVCHD would get resolution compared to the HDV-resolution still more problems.
Can anyone here say something about it?
already many thanks
Video Net


Antwort von Filmo:

Have the same problem with just such a Philips Full HD FS, especially here in the representation of pans.
Go times (s.Television) u.Sound on the Smart Picture Settings to the mode "Movies" to see if there occurs the same effect, in my case is nothing more then to notice ...

I use a Canon XLH1a


Antwort von Replay:

I know of Philips TVs that its signal processing is (in part) is relatively slow. The notes synonymous, if one has connected a games console (Wii) s.einen Philips. The entries s.Controller (Mario Kart) are first presented with delay, we tried various settings by s.Television. This happened at two different Philips TVs. With a Sharp (LCD), Panasonic (plasma) or Thomson (tube) that was not the case that showed all in real time.

Whether this has an impact on video, I do not know, but it can be. If the Philips with the Wii (real-time display) was overwhelmed, it might be that HDV AVCHD or even overwhelm the object as well.


Antwort von cutaway:


in our video club have 2 people, I synonymous, a SonyFX7. The projection is a full HD projector Mitsubishi 6500th The problems that you are not there to determine. No flicker at fine structures.

Greetings cutaway


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