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Sony HDR-HC1


Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Oktober 2005

SonyHDR-HC1 of rudi - 4 oct 2005 16:45:00
Sony HC1 HDV is synonymous with affordable for ambitious amateurs. We even have an eye on the new model can ...

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Congratulations Rudy for the report!

Slashcam is that my criticisms of the HC1 camcorder s.Videomaterial score substantially confirmed if sometimes synonymous with different ranking. Slashcam has also found even that herschwenken in soft-and out of the camera, the lower part of the picture goes along faster than the upper ...

That this HDV camcorder synonymous over other excellent skills and qualities (eg high resolution) output, it is indeed logical.

Antwort von matt2.9:

na since we are all delighted Bruno and another part of your website, I'd say ..

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

The (synonymous in journals), widely read criticism that the HC1 has a smaller circle than most DV camcorder the way, is of little relevance. This signal can in principle increase as simple as the volume of a WAV file.

And just as it can come in WAV files without clipping, it is synonymous with strengthening the color saturation. For my taste, in many situations, the images of the HC1 camcorder at settings too dull, it lacks s.Kontrast and brilliance.

Antwort von matt2.9:

And the site is filled synonymous already up to date with brains of other Bravo Mr. Hennek

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Thanks for the many visits to my website rather Wiener cyclists ...
I listened to register. zum Bild

Antwort von wolfgang:

Funny how we see s.den quotes, comments apparently absent here. Well no preference.

What I - and countless other users can not understand in the video meeting place - in your video, which is described circumstance that go with the lower parts of the image faster. Several people found that they which see you as a download of the provided video is not easy - synonymous, see this discussion here:


Therefore, at least, the question arises how this can be explained that people do not realize it simply says in the video, but Rudi at this lack.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

That is not quite right ...
The user "Hans-Jurgen" from this forum could understand very well.

Antwort von wolfgang:

But the rest does not ... That was a clear majority. I myself habs synonymous not seen, and still not see it.

Antwort von danikk78:

So I can see the bias demonstrated by the house edge!
But hingucken one has been carefully ...

Antwort von matt2.9:

Exactly look. Synonymous, I see it, quite clearly

Antwort von rudi:

I personally think the "problem" not so tragic, so I've made synonymous to me no particular trouble when creating the Mpegs (the main thing is small).

Actually, one would need to adopt MPEG-movie with an aspect ratio of 16:9 See, but Apple's Compressor has not reincodiert that in the film with. So, wants to see who it more precisely, which plays movies from times with 16:9, it becomes even more ...



Antwort von rudi:

So who wants to see exactly:

Steppt doch mal in single screen mode just s.der turning point in the middle of the video frames with the camera to point out and her. So always about the place is turned s.der the pan direction.
And now look here on the edge in the middle of the picture between the yellow and the red house.


PS: If I were not sober, I would think I'm drunk and I imagine the only;)

PSS: Of course it is filming None, I just wanted to see where to make the 25 Mbit negative effect ....

Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

erstmal good test, but a few criticisms.

It might have been even faster swing ...
Or a tracking shot free hand to compare, and then the picture with a dolly with the same drive ....

The illustrated pivot's are guaranteed with this rate to 90% of the users is not made in the forum. I do not speak of Fersehfilmen with other equipment, ie 6 digit amounts. That certain losses (artifacts or sharpness) are 2 because of the MPEG compression was clear beforehand.

In slow motion it was possible to see about 60% of the film's inconsistencies.
But we see each other every 60 min movie in slow motion in order to discover something?

Sorry but the grumbling has come to an end time, clearly there is what to do better, but the HC 1or FX 1sind still milestones such as VX 700 (First Sony Mini DV) or VX 1000 (First Mini-DV 3CCD).

I had to have permanently as the old XM Listen 2 owners, by how many lengths of the VX 2100 is better in lowlight ....


Antwort von Marco:

After I could not make synonymous the only times I have now done as of Rudi described as 16:9 format would Shots in the range of the most critical points (as between Frame 17 and 23 are) considered. And because I recognize the fact synonymous. I would have imagined that somehow something different, clearer, more artificial. It looks a little off after a perspective distortion, as occurs when one Angleschwenkt not too far away with a Wide. Except that in this very critical region in fact already taking place almost no camera movement more.

Can not possibly come synonymous of one trailing stabilizer?

Is minimal in any case, if synonymous visible. Because this point I would make me worry about the camera.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Following this guidance, we see it all now ...
I think that's not bad, although synonymous, however, important to test cameras in extreme situations in order to know those same borders.
What to start with this knowledge is, remains a personal choice!

Antwort von wolfgang:

<The illustrated pivot's are guaranteed with this speed <90% of the users is not made in the forum.

But that is precisely the point. A mistake that one until after Umrendern and frame analysis - is almost with a magnifying glass - and then in a rather atypical Filmsitution? So sorry Rudy, the corresponding relative had heard of the article. A weakness is to show analytically yeah, OK, these do not share but in practice it is related to a shortage.

Here I would add the article to an appropriate sentence.

The straight on the HC1 is so much myth and fairy tales in the network that countless newcomers are certainly uncertain infinite. Slashcam with his good name should not contribute to something.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I'm already believe that beginners should know exactly what material they can expect as a product of this camcorder. It has been demonstrated in earlier tests, but synonymous, what can be done against certain weaknesses, such as very slow out of the tripod pan, turn up the contrast a bit, or increase the color saturation and fine details to avoid exposure to manual focusing and paying very close attention to. The fact is that this man with HC1 camcorder is not as carefree as can be Anti-circumventions with a DV camcorder in practice. If you want to achieve the best results possible, and these are quite synonymous.

HDV is the consumer sector from scratch, most trade magazines is limited (in your test on the praise on the high resolution HDV anyone really expected anything else?) And on the device technology itself, but rarely have to deal with it in the practice is reported.

I therefore think the contribution of Slashcam here really great and important from the viewpoint of consumer protection.

Antwort von Jörg:

I normally pay for such entertainment stramme 50 ¬, sitting in a darkened room fairly far in front, one operates from the topten of the German cabaret scene for me perfectly.

People, it says here that your not serious??
For the contribution you have yet completed a bet??
Let's see how many readers come clean on this joke??
It's fun, right??
Your invites you probably not really a double-compressed file
File down, you draw this Unfallclip (such pans really only come about through accidents) in slow motion, 16:9, frame-analysis
Mind to hunt for an artifact??
A distortion s.Häuserkanten??
Come on, this is joke!
If not: (yes, I know you make fun) if not then:
Come back, come back to your planet, rejoice at the carelessness of your life, because you can not have other worries.

To Bruno, in particular:
for this sentence
I therefore think the contribution of Slashcam here really great and important from the viewpoint of consumer protection.

For this proposition, in conjunction with THE problem gibts only 2 options:
1: You fly out of the church,
2. You will Gagschreiber with a third-rate advertising channels, but there's only third-rate.

Mist the coffee is cold, Jörg

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Joerg, I have to laugh ..., only a few can still ...

No, seriously, I now thought the whole review, not the point with the rubber band. The point for me is not important at all!

Next said Joerg, fun with you here!

Antwort von Rudi:

Wow, that indeed is making waves

(Not only the video but synonymous, the thread;))

I find the behavior of HC1 in this extreme situation synonymous not so tragic, so I've written in the article synonymous following:

Whether this behavior is perceived as disturbing, everyone must decide themselves. After heavy pans with HDV, but should be avoided in any case, this behavior is likely not really a new problem dar. Only it is always a bit strange, especially since this behavior puts the FX1 does not seem s.den day.

However, the whole fall from the more extreme the larger the picture will be shown. I have just enough time, but if you're interested I put the clip in the original size once tomorrow somewhere for download.



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

'm Glad that people are now on you loßgehen with the "waves" ... zum Bild

Antwort von der barbar:

--- --- removed by the administrator for libel

Antwort von der barbar:

what was so offensive?

had written only positive?

no preference. tss

Antwort von Gast:

Two more small things to an otherwise successful test:

The viewfinder does not have that around 200,000 pixels rather than 250,000 and a Y / C output is possible via a separately available cable synonymous. Although minor, but should be mentioned.

Antwort von rudi:

Thanks for the two references, I fix it shortly in the text ..

Antwort von wolfgang:

So I have no HC-1, and did not intend to buy synonymous one. From this perspective, is to me the thing rather no preference.

But for a place to download clip, which shows a behavior which is really only with a magnifying glass discovered - naja. And then say that the whole thing is irrelevant anyway, but only in a separate discussion thread?

The text in the article quoted here, I find the same unsatisfactory. Each entry will interpret the well so that he would rather read between the lines - and that this was a hard time next to it. And with such a discrepancy - an admission here, the Aritkel there - stick to it thus: sowas has it not necessary.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

To compensate, there is now an objective in the video camera 4 / 2005 (editor in chief Rudi Schmidt), a test on SonyHDR-HC1, almost without any criticism. HC1, the owners will be pleased. Serious hobbyists will then look in vain for a practical experience report. But only one ...

Antwort von WeiZen:

Moin Bruno
And no, my keyboard is not broken.

Antwort von motiongroup:

* I removed myself from jack

Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

Rudy has a magazine that I even did not know or I have a video camera objective, "not seen in the store. When Mark gets a few pages in the Mag, I would look at me's absolutely time ....

Question s.Rudi - May I recommend my here still Lieblingsmag Video Active Digital?


Antwort von rudi:

You must .... ;)

I do not synonymous, even if the video camera lens for slashcam reader is interesant because we have to take very much consideration for contaminated sites like Super-8 film-makers. I'm still synonymous to digital video by the same publisher, is likely to be more interesting for slashcammer ...

However, there are as synonymous in the near future, a few changes, which I can not yet speak.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

The origin of this magazine were the Nizo messages that I have referred decades ago. For the S8 filmmakers only a puny little rest in "video camera is objective remained" ...
This rest can be put into Super8 Museum, my S8 cameras are so synonymous with me already in the glass case ...

Antwort von Dragonsbreath81:

To synonymous commenting again the other thread:

1. It's not like that the camera lens alone write. The said article in the magazine is HC1, for example, of HolgerScheel, which is synonymous occasionally hangs out here in the forum. We are in the assessment of Equippment often (but certainly not always) disagree. When it comes to camcorders, I do not write my opinion in the lens to do this because I think every author his own grudge (synonymous when it is not mine.)

2. I have tried in the article an unstained assessment to deliver the HC1. Even if it were not so came over, I personally am thinking hard on me zuzulegen one.
(Even if you do not believe it, even as the chief editor of two video journals, you have to buy equipment:)).
However, I hesitate, wait, like most of you, between a FX1, the HC1 and the other ...



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

"I have tried in the article an unstained assessment to deliver the HC1.

And that was good ...

Why wid but not mentioned in the magazine, the author stated?
Because secondary use?

On the other hand one sees that such reports reflect only the opinion of an individual author and the printed opinion is not necessarily as "prior art", but as individual opinion and even when not at thoughts of a team or publisher. Nevertheless one can with such a tool (press) to influence the opinion of many people!

Antwort von rudi:

Why wid but not mentioned in the magazine, the author stated?
Because secondary use?

We used to have called the individual authors then - to be honest-out time trial basis rausgenommen layout reasons and not reintroduced. So, strictly speaking, there is no reason. At least not for secondary exploitation.

On the other hand one sees that such reports reflect only the opinion of an individual author and the printed opinion is not necessarily as "prior art", but as individual opinion and even when not at thoughts of a team or publisher. Nevertheless one can with such a tool (press) to influence the opinion of many people!

Well, who often writes, knows that it is impossible to write an objective review. While this all sounds incredible, but even if you measure every little detail there is in the assessment of the unit still plenty of room for interpretation.
It is, I am aware that one with each test (whether Slashcam, video or digital video camera lens) the opinion of many people influenced drum (we do this so synonymous). That you can do it but not everyone is quite so clear, and then probably synonymous probably stands little to the discussion ...



Antwort von chrisgau:

"Rudy" wrote:

However, I hesitate, wait, like most of you, between a FX1, the HC1 and the other ...

If you decided you can even tell us what time and why ;-).


Antwort von rudi:

Right. But I think I'll wait a bit ....

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

It is, I am aware that one with each test (whether Slashcam, video or digital video camera lens) the opinion of many people influenced drum (we do this so synonymous).

The response on my granite! zum Bild

Antwort von wolfgang:

"rudi" wrote:
Well, who often writes, knows that it is impossible to write an objective review. While this all sounds incredible, but even if you measure every little detail there is in the assessment of the unit still plenty of room for interpretation.

Even if the ideal of total Objkektivität is difficult to reach - but the pure subjectivity, we are not exposed synonymous. Anyone who has learned the scientific work time, which knows very well that we should separate the facts / findings of the interpretation, and may be synonymous. Only when one is mixed, formed purely subjective assertions.

And perversely, the synonymous: synonymous with the omission of a relativistic interpretation can distort things. You really need both elements - but separately identifiable from each other cleanly.

And no, test reports come with most people not on granite - but inform and form opinions of course ... Perhaps Bruno's just simply unique!

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Everything is good, sh.:


Antwort von HDV Fan:

So your testers do me really sorry! So how is torn down and her, is truly incredible. Bruno still has everything well explained, and his slight criticisms synonymous relative. Thus, a test will be, next! Even though I myself erstmal could not understand everything that's normal.
The back and forth of comments and the rebuke is like running in the election campaign this year, or as before the crucifixion of Christ. History repeats itself manifest.
My - admittedly vulgar - Tip s.The supercritical commentators bring you to "easily panned" the FX shots 1 or better, the Z1, and for inserts up close, from the tripod filmed from the small HDR-HC1. Thus the final result is considerably more interesting and Lovely, and while technically correct. And again we read: spaaaaren ""! :-)

Antwort von Gast:

Everything is good

Oh, there we have you played so bad and you can only send material of broken cameras. But yes you need good material not synonymous. Would not mentioned anyway.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Vienna Radler, makes it still fun to attack from ambush?

Rudy and I, we now have as fine!

Antwort von wolfgang:

So whether the observed behavior of Rudy with the firmware update will be fixed, can now probably say None. So far is any linkage to bear with a question mark at ...

I would rather look at a progressive recordable camcorder - the FX1 has the recording process with the simple interlaced certain restrictions, such as the recording of fine structures with a - how do always synonymous - stemming the movement part. Grasslands around tend to Vermatschen.

We are discussing here:

Antwort von motiongroup:

* I removed myself from jack

Antwort von Alosta@gmx.de:

On the merits, I agree with Wolfgang.

What I did, despite all efforts, do not understand that here and in other forums is allowed room for a "fire extinguisher", which always turns out to be Bunsen burner. This is not only in an open form, but always and always will be synonymous small fire "sets" scattered, some of which cause considerable damage. If one more with "Fire Extinguishers" busy synonymous falls on very blatantly that the external device in perfect Optics appearing much has too many stickers, the one with the "competition" could be seen even earlier. It sells but probably better. In the self very well, if used, however, seems serious malfunctions.

No, I do not want this horizon. And the sweetness is from the maturation process has long been overtaken again, because there is something rotten!

Sorry, I would have done differently formulated synonymous, but then you would have had to delete this posting once.

A subjective view, actually Impartial

PS: .... And I'm NOT from Austria! And ... many things are understood only of those who are frequently in various forums on the road, but I can help it net.

Antwort von jens:

I thought Wolfgand comes from the beautiful

Antwort von jens:

Soory. Wolfgang.
Why you can not edit here?

Antwort von motiongroup:

* I removed myself from jack

Antwort von jens:

Ah, but do not let provoked by Bruno. When one looks around a bit on the net, it is indeed quite obvious that he likes once gave offense u / o provocation. When 's it makes fun ... He has a nice signature, yes.
Imma stay locka ;-)

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Well I still provoke anyone ...
But here you can realize who has engaged in arson.
Rotates the time now not to ...
I received a PN, is in that you will follow me no preference where. This PN is of someone who is here now with postet. He described himself as synonymous or "we", so it must be a complete runner-nest.

If you attack me like this, then I'll get out the club, it is clear!

Maybe this time I publish PN somewhere on the net, so there is peace.

Otherwise, time is pretty factual and peaceful here. zum Bild

Antwort von jens:

Well Bruno, you have to admit however, that some of your posts so that you (written not only in this thread) (which may be provocative act that you do not intend it). It seems to me just as if it does sometimes not at about the matter but any personal vanity about. And suddenly some things of Vienna cyclists and theft come criticism regarding your website, etc. pp. The whole will gain such a strange dynamics that some say that you would confuse them "" and you write, you were threatened.
The simplest thing would be not be carried away to such personal conflicts.
Just my opinion
Sometimes it's quite amusing synonymous ..;-)

Antwort von tanuchin:

For me to make clear the crucial s.diesem camcorder test, the difference between artifacts and blurring is. For, with blurring, I can (which is my favorite "look" that matter) to live easily in real artifacts would go down with me (synonymous) of the thumb.

BTW: I've searched in a popular e-discounters, the HC-1 and ... overlooked because they just like the other tiny vest-pocket camcorder is. At this price reasonable, I personally do prefer the big things (but I can not afford it).

Antwort von wolfgang:

Jens, it's true that I come from Vienna, my real data are so easy to find on the net, such as in the disclaimer of the video meeting place. As such, I'm not hiding anything.

And I'm radlfahrer synonymous None - No sport fits me rather unfortunately, synonymous to a small Radunfall last year.

Here I post and points s.anderen not anonymous, I did not need. I say to a Bruno synonymous so my opinion must be wenns - and lately it had to halt his back. The Picture with the Bunsen burner of the "score" - of which I have just a sneaking suspicion that this is an old "friend" could be of me - I alldings think more and more fit. It is jaa None provoked, oh no. If the video meeting a medieval village, would have the HC-1 user there probably already amassed, and probably would make Bruno a pyre as a gift. Is an old (Vienna?) Pudding, for those who do not know that!

For much more important part: I compared the Sony Support of Germany has confirmed in a telephone conversation that there would be for the HC1 is a firmware update. Man waiting did not know exactly when it would be able to. Thus Sonyindirekt has confirmed that there would be some problems with the HC1. Good, that this is corrected; bad that we have waited so long so - because, unfortunately, confused and probably synonymous angry.

But this has nothing to do with the fact that we should now condemn the HC1 in ground and soil. I think this device changed for a good camcorder at an attractive price of entry into the HDV explaining very world. Personally I'm more a fan of 720p, and am waiting with my times from PD1 at rest, what was yet to come - but this is a personal attitude.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

"Should condemn HC1 in ground and soil"

Rudi has not made synonymous in his report.
But it has allayed some problems with the Bewegunsschärfe and people who have an HC1 camcorder with this issue even subjected to ridicule.
Now, because of Sonyein update is announced in this matter, synonymous want to update those who were oh so good HC1 without this issue already.

If we allow the colonization of the mandarins not attach, it will be branded as an outlaw. But there is a recipe against - enjoy s.der ridicule that has it all.

Antwort von wolfgang:

So that Rudy has not done that, I'm aware of.

Antwort von motiongroup:

Hi Wolfgang nobody knows what will happen to this update it is ...

Antwort von wolfgang:

So far as Sonyist that German support yes s.Telefon now confirmed that a firmware update comes. Only the time - so Sony - was not yet fixed.

They do wirds ja.

Antwort von Tom van Derwelt:

Come now with my HC-1 was from China back and then synonymous rotated in dusty industrial areas. In practice, the cassette door open down as an advantage! Penetration of dirt particles have virtually no chance. Friends of me have in India, a documentary for ARTE and rotated it had to tape the cassette door of every day anew. My trip to India in 2006, I look forward calmly.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

One can but each camera to rotate, that the cassette compartment instead of down can be opened up.

Antwort von jens:

Especially in the Tripod, ne ;-)

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

And if you unscrew the tripod, is it?

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

The first-HC1 camcorder now come back with firmware update (Source: Video meeting 26.10.05).

Antwort von prem:

where you going to know?

Antwort von Trollpatsch:


tried again - objectively - the "rubber" return Effect (Testclip)

For I have read somewhere once that HC1 had a problem (in the interaction of mechanical?) Shutter <-> CMOS readout, which is manifested in securities that have at least similar _könnten_.

Specific question s.den Author:
Have you had the same views with turned-high-speed shutter tried? (eg, less 1 / 1000, quiet times 1 / 10000, which normally would in the sunshine. not be a problem (at least not with our FX1)).

And now for sth completely different:
Who's interested in how with freeware from 1080i HDV as a SUPER slow motion (based on make 1024x576 @ 50p): Please report!

Antwort von Tricky:

Synonymous to the camera suitable for winter sports?
Had the JVC GR-DV2000E with progressive scan. The new Sonymacht's only half-images. Can I still make a good slow-motion sequences?

Antwort von prem:

And now for sth completely different:
Who's interested in how with freeware from 1080i HDV as a SUPER slow motion (based on make 1024x576 @ 50p): Please mail! [/ Quote]

Come on, tell ... how is it?
'm interested s.deinem knowledge.

Antwort von olli l.:

can someone tell me what a digital camera in the same low-class low-light is moderately better?

Many thanks in advance :-)

Antwort von Jan:

The good HC 3rd


Antwort von olli.l:

"Jan" wrote:
The good HC 3rd


dankeschön :-)

noch ne the Panasonic NV-GS 400 lowlight frage.ist moderately better than the HC 3
or not.
beste grüsse ........

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

No ...

Antwort von Murdock9:

now what? In a "or" question can not be answered with YES or NO ...

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

HC3 is better in lowlight ...

Antwort von jassson:


The fact that neither in the small test yet in the many commentaries of the lack of optical image stabilization is mentioned is really bad.
Just because the picture by the higher Resolutionsehr much faster blurred.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"jassson" wrote:
the lack of optical image stabilization

That his absence will not be next mentioned, probably because that the HC1 instead an adjustable electronic image stabilization features, which appears to be working well. Since a theoretically superior optical stabilizer seems not to be missed easily.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Maggo:

RUBBER EFFECT = Catastrophic follow !!!!!!!!!

I have the errors detected in the Testclipt,
but I am unfortunately no longer made on it, which I now regret!

2 points

" The distortion can entwackler Digital tools such as Steadymove poor results come as the test for swivel clip.

" 3D Tracking Programs, the main problem is the material basis and Camera motion a virtual copy of the real camera movement in the 3D program will do. When the program gets out distortions

Can someone explain whether the same problem the "HC3" is synonymous? and off the rubber or effect? because I am completely satisfied with the quality. Otherwise I have to sell them heul * *

Thank you in advance
Merry Christmas & Guden slip

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