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Sony HDR-HC1E und externes Mikrofon

SonyHDR-HC1E and External Microphone

Frage von JimBob17th:
Oktober 2005

Hello in the round,

I would like to connect my external stereo microphone (Audio Technica) s.The Camera and I now ask two things:

1. The microphone input has plug-in power, which I can not use with my Micro. Is it possible to disable the plug-in power?

2. How can I attach the Micro? Is there an adapter for example, the stupid smart Kamerashoe to standard?

3. Ifs is not at? What is the Sony external microphone is recommended? ANd especially, is there for those external Mirko Sonysynonymous of a windbreak basket s.besten with optional Windjammer?

Thanks for the help.

Antwort von Gast:

WSIE hereby would it?


Antwort von Jan:


for the intelligent accessory shoe would be:

SonyECM HQP 1 (4 channel surround sound comes with HC 1) not yet very good bass at about 140 ¬

SonyECM HGZ 1 Zoom Microphone, directional characteristics matched to the camcorder microphone ca 80 ¬

SonyECM HM 1 Comment micro with 1.4 m retractable cable about 120 ¬

SonyECM HS 1 Zoom Microphone, automatic directional characteristic, with mix function intrgriertem camcorder microsite in position "Gun" ca 80 ¬

about Jack

SonyECM MSD 1 sensitive Tonunterscheidung at an angle of 90 ° -120 °, kommts Now! According to Sony: compatible with all camcorder models that feature a microphone input.

Of course, this is the entry-level price and not with the good momentum of Beyer or Sennheiser (compare 300 ¬ price range) for sale.

In the lower price range is seldom a windbreak Rovotech could test it.

Have you ever tasted a normal Micro 1anzuschließen s.The HC?
I have not had time to do so, and would make up for it if it's not really a man with the HC with the 1 was "listening".



Antwort von Markus:

Hello "JimBob17th"

what the Microphone of Audio-Technica s.Deinem do you want to connect your camcorder? - Perhaps I know something about the appropriate model?

To your second question: You do not need a special adapter for your camcorder accessory shoe. Put simply a fitting microphone holder for an accessory shoe on ... finished. The ideal would be, of course, the use of an elastic suspension (-> How much drive noise is normal?).

Antwort von JimBob14th:

Hi Mark,

I have an At-822 (Stereomic) that is explicitly not with the Sony's "Phantom Power" (mi is not exactly the right term is a ...). To this mic. I hold a windbreak synonymous with Windjamemr total of the Micro, with accessories has cost about 500E and synonymous sounds very good. I would therefore like to use this, of course, synonymous, and not one of the "cheaper" Sony microphones.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Kai,

I know the AT822. Es handelt sich dabei um die unsymmetrische Version meines AT825. :-)

The Manufacturer says "The AT822 is designed for battery operation. Never operate with phantom power! The microphone may be damaged." - The voltage of a phantom power can be defined as between 9 and 48 volts, 48 volts is very common. These phantom power can be provided only in symmetrical signal routing, but not for unbalanced.

The microphone input (3.5mm) jack of your camcorder delivers a voltage of only 2.5 to 3 volts, which is referred to as "plug in power". So far I had no problems when connecting battery s.Sony camcorders with microphones so-called "plug in power". The AT822 will not be damaged, therefore, if you do s.Deinem camcorder uses.

More Info:

Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

yes then it would go, thanks to Mark our 'all-rounder ".
I have omitted a couple of Sony microphones were still there:

- ECM MS 908 C - high-quality video Stereo Microphone with Accessory Shoe Adapter for digital photography, 100-15.000 Hz, kidney, 1x AA Battery Betreibsdauer about 150 hours, including wind, 0.35 m OFC cable, about 140 ¬

- ECM MS 957 - High End Stereo Microphone for professional applications, switchable directional characteristics, 50-18.000 Hz, 1x AA battery, 2m OFC cable, impedance 600 Ohm, incl windscreen and table stand, about 340 ¬

- ECM MC 907 - high-quality video-stereo Microphone for digital recording, 100-15.000 Hz, kidney, 1x AA Battery Betreibsdauer about 150 hours, including wind and table stand, switchable stereo base 90 / 120 °, 1.5 m OFC cable ca 130 ¬

ECM CR 120 - New mono-tie-in microphone for professional use
100-12.000 Hz, kidney, 1x AA Battery Betreibsdauer about 15 hours, including wind, ca 110 ¬

Maybe it's helping me a movie tries to have a Sony Micro.


Antwort von Gast:

The problem of course is that these mics do not fit shoe s.den Photo of HC 1, because it has changed them. So my reference above, next to the camera handle.

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Kai,

that the HDR-HC1 has one accessory shoe, which does not correspond to known standard, I do not know yet. Can you ever make a Picture of them online? I would be interested mal ... ;-)

Since you already have a class with the AT822 Stereo Microphone has, I would look for a suitable anchorage s.Camcorders. I have seen that there is as accessories for the HDR-HC1 Usein IR lamp contains (SonyHVL-IRM), shoe which included an adapter for the accessory.

On www.ciao.de
zum Bild

Now I do not know if it works is that same-Accessory shoe adapter to be? - If yes, could you save the IR lamp and take the same angular rail of Hama, or the Emperor:

zum Bild

Antwort von Gast:

Hello, if interested, I still synonymous is a brand new track angle of Hama was quick with (similar to the very s.Anfang already mentioned). The camera can be synonymous with the rail directly with one quick be mounted on a suitable tripod.

Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

I've been asleep, transitions to the narrower shoe synonymous not no Sony Micro,'ve tried today with the HC 1st A non-rail Sony should not be synonymous, since the shoe is definitely divided narrower than a universal shoe. Another Sony vulgarity, restlessly around your stuff.


Antwort von Udo13:

Hello Jan,

ECM HS 1 is not suitable for the HDR-HC1, does not fit on this new interface shoe

[list] for the intelligent accessory shoe would be:

SonyECM HS 1 Zoom Microphone, automatic directional characteristic, with mix function intrgriertem camcorder microsite in position "Gun" ca 80 ¬ [/ list: u: 6a01798dc2]

Antwort von Jan:

You are right Udo, the ECM HS 1 does not go with the current models like eg HC 39,42,90, 1000 PC
On VX 2100, the difference is, however, work (The Micro nobody buys for the Camera!)


Antwort von Udo13:

Hello Jan,

I have the ECM HS 1 for both the VX2100, the TRV900 as synonymous in use, but mainly for outdoor shots with one Fellüberzug.
So far I am very happy with it.

For the HC1, I've now ordered me to the ECM HQP1. I'm curious times. As is indicated synonymous incl Windbreak. How and whether this works, I can not imagine not yet.

Antwort von Jan:

Opps ...

Well, the HQP 1 should be quite good and reinforce the bass well synonymous.
As far as I know it's in conjunction with the HC 1 does not function as surround sound with DVD in the 403rd


Antwort von Jan:

Hello all,

I was totally at ease verfranzt.
For the Active Interface Accessory shoe to go at the moment (that is synonymous HC 1):

HQP the ECM 1, ECM HST 1 (similar HQP 1 without 4-channel sound) and the Zoommikrofon ECM HGZ 1


Antwort von prem:

or construct:


Greeting from Ruessel

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Kai,

shame that I have heard nothing more of you. Like the sound recording is made with your AT822?

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