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Sony HDR-HC9 Rückspielen aufs Band - wie??

SonyHDR-HC9 back games on tape - how?

Frage von kowi:
Juni 2008

I have a first HDV - video (1080/50i) 5 min with Pi S11 finished and wanted it back to the HC9 play. I have only a few questions.

My approach was as follows:

1. Pi S11

Original with S11 of the captured HC9 (resulting *. m2v and *. wav). Clip in S11 and edited as HDV 1080i rendered. The result was a *. mpg file (1440x1080). This file I wanted to spend it on tape (HDV camcorder output, mpeg2 1440x1080 ...). Problem: File was rendered again, then was then the file is written to the HC9. Was otherwise ok, only the re-rendering has me disturbed.

2. Picture Motion Browser (PMB)

Did the part (because unwieldy) has not yet been used. Wanted above *. mpg file in order to export the Handycam, but ..... PMB says the wrong format - not HDV "or something similar. PMB recognizes synonymous with S11 imported clips not - only with the "Import Tool PMB imported clips (*. m2t) recognizes it as a type HDV 1080i and dubbed it onto tape.
S11 Pi can not with the Import Tool PMB imported clips (*. m2t) edit.

I'm basically doing what is wrong, because I have any problem understanding? How do you capture and return the games on tape?

Antwort von bockolaf:

use Magix Video Deluxe 2008 Pros for HDV editing.
For the tape off on the program renders a high-resolution MPEG file, then on the tape is played. This file is stored and can be repeated without re-rendering on the tape played. The duration of the rendering is certainly in very good technical equipment is not synonymous insignificant effects of the built and from traces to be processed. When I come quickly times 30 tracks together. And it lasts then. Effects Without the program as needed for a 37min HD movie about 5min for the preparation onto tape.

Antwort von kowi:

My approach was and is the following: A completed bearbeitertes Project File will be issued (in HD). The file is with a Softplayer reviewed.
If ok, the DVD creation and then the backup of the finished movie to tape.
When Pi S11 is that the finished file, I do not spend directly on tape, but I have it on the timeline here. Then S11 renders the file from scratch (no Smartrendern!) And then the output is in real time on the tape. The re-rendering and for the total operation time required to annoy me quite formidable.
When S11 is missing in my view simply the direct output of an already finished files on tape.

Antwort von bockolaf:

So I had with Pinnacle 7 times and always starting to 9Plus established. But I could find several things s.dem program. Therefore Magix. I can only recommend you, Magix VDL 2008 Pros to try (ie approximately 70-80 in ¬). One must surely synonymous only train, but the handling is quite alone because of the many editing tracks faster and simpler.
The issue many ways, synonymous Bluray, HD DVD and WMV HD and SD for all standards and Internet as well as the different aspect ratios and resolutions to make the whole thing easy.
Even different formats can be combined, they can be squashed and stretched.
When the band edition there are two possibilities: the project's output or an existing file of your choice.
There are certainly better software. But for the price can be satisfied, and the existing effects, I will probably never use all or combine.

Antwort von immanuelkant:

The program code of Studio 11 has nothing to with the single previous versions to do so. It was now of the professional editing application Liquid. It can - and who in the past bad experiences with PS had made - it once again re-try. I think it is worth it. Bin PS11 with ultimate very satisfied.

If the question is meant as in the headline, then it is quite simple: The movie on the timeline, cut and then finished (not in any MPEG format to render, but) at Issue "on tape issue" and the HDV 1080i format select 50 HZ. Of course, the camcorder before in Play / Edit mode via firewire dranhägen.
That is all. The rest is auto. First, the new movie parts (transitions / titles) and then render the whole project to tape output. Done!

Antwort von kowi:

"immanuelkant" wrote:
If the question is meant as in the headline, then it is quite simple: The movie on the timeline, cut and then finished (not in any MPEG format to render, but) at Issue "on tape issue" and the HDV 1080i format select 50 HZ.

It is already clear. The problem is that in HDV 1080i finished film is not directly rendered (WITHOUT NEURENDERN!) On tape to be played.
The function simply missing in S11 ..... but now comes S12 yes, perhaps it is then back inside - as it was at S9.

Antwort von immanuelkant:

yes and no!

After the film off on the final rendered tape was played off and on is ready, can you imagine the two files from the project directory wegsichern manual.
If you have the files later to re-lay the timeline, then the film at the output to HDV tape (or HD-DVD) will not re-rendered again.
After the off onto tape, delete the new PS11, finished *. m2v and *. wav files.
The Liquid Edtition 6.1 has already done so ;-)

Antwort von kowi:

Aha, that is - for playing back on tape, the *. m2v and *. wav files to be present. So why S11 renders the already created *. mpg file (1080i) new.

Antwort von immanuelkant:

*. mpg which has apparently a different format of HDV (?). Had it been synonymous with the times - according to the menu - HDV-compliant *. mpg probiert. Since then but was later re-rendered synonymous.
Fact is: only as a result of rendering weggesicherte *. m2v and *. wav file saved later re-render.

Antwort von kowi:

Ok, I'm curious as times to make the new Studio 12 is behaving.

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