Infoseite // SonyHDR SDR HF-XR500VE or Canon S11

Frage von sean83:

Hi Folks,

So now I'm up for weeks in search of a suitable camcorder for me. Unfortunately I can not decide :-(;

SonyHDR SDR HF-XR500VE or Canon S11?

- Discos / clubs, so little light and very loud! :-)

Actually, I am a Canon fan, but the dealer told me today at Saturn, it would be the Sonybesser for me!

Asking price is max 1300 ¬ - tell me I always prefer to buy time and good!

Would be glad if you Could give me some tips and advice!

Thank you very much
Lg Sean


Antwort von sean83:

Hmm've got a bissl what already read about it, but I need experience and personal opinions.

The Canon has more features that can control it, this is the better at the dark Sonyim the Sonyca comes. ¬ 150 cheaper and has bigger hard drive ne!



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