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Sony HDR-XR500E Neubesitzer/  Erfahrungen / Test / Meinungen

SonyHDR-XR500E new owners / experiences / test / Opinions

Frage von Nagelimkopf:
August 2009

Hello together ...
I have searched this forum properly, but found no thread is solely with (the Cam, or 520E / VE) busy. Since I s.morgen lucky owner will be the 500E and this is my first camcorder is still synonymous überhaubt (; except a terribly difficult Grundig Cam 25 years ago), I hope that will be posted here many future questions, problems, suggestions and ideas and we This cam will bring together s.den edge of its possibilities ... hehe.
If there is, despite my search had anything like this here, and then deletes it just shows me a yellow card.

Who of you has for the SonyHDR XR-500 series?

Tomorrow I'll tell how to get started with the baby so went HD ...

Antwort von Jogi:

see here ...


Antwort von Nagelimkopf:

Well Prima, there's schonmal A test report. Perhaps even a few users are interested in how I (, so a newbie), the Cam feels.

"Where is the DL coach?"

Antwort von Nagelimkopf:

Well the car should have a UPS, DHL and the car was still not there ... If I have time look at what ...

Antwort von kgerster:

Had previously (a Bridge Camera; SonyHX1) with very good shots that I've made in HD. Now I can only draw the Comparison of HX1 and this struck me:

- (Better tracing, for example) in trees
- No light Überkontrastierung as for HX1. But this can lead to that seen in the first impression of the Picture HX1 better place.
- Dramatically improved sensitivity in the border area.
- Very good-looking sound. The HX1 has a weak bass and holds up to spherical. This is synonymous distant noises too loud.
- The Recording in MPEG2 format (makes it easier to rework, less jerky in the preview)

I bought myself prior to purchase several screen tests of other camcorder. None But enough s.The low-light quality of Sonyheran. That was decisive.

Antwort von Nagelimkopf:

Yes, the test videos I've seen on various sites were synonymous with me, ultimately the rash. Only the cam is still not there yet ... if it (today, and I now doubt not) is nothing more, then I can probably count on not to part with before Tuesday. But it seems to me to really be a curse when I was in the I-Net and order'm looking forward to ... it always takes forever until I finally get into the house ...

Antwort von kgerster:

Well, a new camera is like Christmas. Had my .... from the T-on Shop after 3 days.

One point I had forgotten. The Steady Shot in the active mode. Tremendously well.

But I do not wish for more torture.

Antwort von Nagelimkopf:

Well ... so ... go kanns the Cam was sent with DPD (; s.Freitag) and why is now synonymous always ended up in the packet Center St Ingbert ... According to DPD, it should arrive tomorrow for me ... I am deeply impressed ... Also of Usedom on St Ingbert to Osnabrück ... For that I've had today again in the local MMarkt and fumbled with the exhibit ...:-)))

Antwort von Nagelimkopf:

Tomorrow ... Today, the part finally arrives ...

I am still looking for a second battery for the cam. On the site of the Sony NP-FH turns 100 provided with the following output: 6.8 V / 27 Wh / 3980 mAh

There is synonymous sowas of other manufacturers? Since 170, - EUR are a little too hard.

Antwort von Topkraft:

I could not decide between SonyHDR-XR520V and
SonyHDR-CX520V both are good!
But I personally found SonyHDR-XR520V somewhat high
me yesterday why I have ordered T-online shop SonyHDR-XR520V!
now I have to wait when is it in the moment there are delivery problems Sonyso it was communicated to me in another store.
Greeting Anatol

Antwort von Topkraft:

Have just received good news

"Dear Mr. Anatol strength, our logistics center has just sent out the below order.

There are only 145 km away of us when I was still happy I get my camera

Antwort von Nagelimkopf:

Well then I hope that you are here reporting it as your impressions of the Cam ...

Antwort von Nagelimkopf:

Simply unbelievable!

Did the Cam now been 2 hours and get out of the schools no longer ... at the moment it has me s.der "leash" when the battery is not charged but the 5-9 Short's in every conceivable setting just inspire me only. Moreover, I did not know what pose for a picture my horny FlatTV can. Scheiss Cable Germany. Then comes just a Mistsignal ... and then the xr500 connected and can only cut down times.
The steady feature is also super impressive ... And that is part of the face of my wife and my son in the background and detects just shoot some photos as soon as they smile for me is a little miracle .... Wie geht sowas??
I must go on ... a detailed (; and less emotional) report follows "the days" as they say here in the Osnabrück region so ...

Until then only once

"Boohhhaa Ey"

Antwort von Jogi:

"Topkraft" wrote:
I could not decide between SonyHDR-XR520V and
SonyHDR-CX520V both are good!
But I personally found SonyHDR-XR520V somewhat high
me yesterday why I have ordered T-online shop SonyHDR-XR520V!
now I have to wait when is it in the moment there are delivery problems Sonyso it was communicated to me in another store.
Greeting Anatol

Done properly. The XR's relation to the CX essential sharpness benefits!

Antwort von Topkraft:

I very glad that I have chosen the right!
Tomorrow it will be so far can not wait!

Only to info I have just bought Panasonic hdc-sd 20, the was not necessarily good to have the Panasonic hdc-sd 200 was exchanged but unfortunately very disappointed bad recordings in low light to no accessories and shoes so again against Panasonic hdc-sd 300 exchanged with the hope it will be better with them klappts with video recordings to emergency lights.
Unfortunately, Panasonic hdc-sd 300 only outside super gemacht them was the camera unusable synonymous with additional lighting!
Therefore closure with Panasonic.
Sonyscheint the problem better in low light intervened to have'm curious if it's really true.
Greeting Anatol

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