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Sony HDR-XR550


Frage von Noxxeh:
März 2010

Good morning!

Because I want to buy myself a new camcorder I got myself in the last days of the Internet intensively and synonymous here looking around the forum.
I have also read the review in the VAD 03/10.

What surprises me in the review, there is sometimes spoken of the XR520 is, however, the XR550 was getetstet. (maybe typo?)

What I have s.den test images synonymous not quite understand was the shooting in lowlight.
Since each camera a Stillimage except Sonydie has two photos.
One of which is very dark and very bright but the other
Now my question: Has its own Sony Camera Low Lux mode?
So this is a picture in the normal and the other was made in the low lux mode?
In addition, stands at the pictures again XR520.
Because if so, why was not I Vesteh poorly evaluated then only with. Is it because only the brightness in normal mode and the mode LowLux not be counted or how it is, we interpret this?

For me as a newcomer in the almost entire display is a bit confusing.

After the test reports I vacillate between the Panasonic HDC-HS700
And the SonyHDR-XR550.

When I Sonygefällt the Active image stabilization, if the videos that exist can be trusted, which is probably just for amateur filmmakers only the behavior very well in low light seems to be the major point of criticism.

On the Panasonic is probably the possibility to include 50p with the new "highlight". whereby I have to ask whether the general can be used even make sense. (abspieltechnisch what it takes imagewise knows I)

Would be great if anyone of you would Practical tips on what really is for amateur filmmakers really interesting.

Thank Noxxeh

Antwort von dirk7:


Cam's exactly between the two synonymous, I waver. Actually, I had already Sonyfestgelegt on until I have more or less then those poor test read the 550th

I understood this to mean that the Sonyim "normal" mode, a very bad behavior LowLight s.den day and sets at night. But she still hold a separate "lowlight" mode where I think the aperture is reduced, because the recordings are indeed brighter, but synonymous blurred because logically synonymous change the shutter speed. Therefore, synonymous, the two photos on the Sony, keep one in the "normal" mode and one in the "lowlight" mode.

The Sony550 which has a better stability than the Panasonic 700 I would not say. I think the two stabilizers tuen in practice, nothing.

The Panasonic seems to make it all better somehow, at least in this test of VideoAktiv. Let's see, what do the next tests.

In the model designation, they seem simply to have prescribed.

As a major plus point, I have Anglegesehen in Sonyimmer the great wide, but if the optics is now just as so recorded in the WW area, would be better to save the Sonysich. The optics of the Panasonic with WW 35mm schneint the flip better. Yes actually synonymous enough ;-)

So, let's wait for the next tests.


Antwort von gospelrock:

About the name of the Sonybin I also stumbled. I stand before synonymous with it. LowLight from the relatively poor results that were reported in the VAD3/2010 of SonyHDR-XR550, I vacillate between the moment of the Panasonic HDC-TM7000, and the SonyHDC-XR520. The "old" Sonyscheint LowLight in the area in any case in this price range is still the measure of things to be. With the new Panasonic, I'm not so sure.
Currently there is for me and to reflect the following:

+ Very good Low Light Behavior
+ Large internal memory so (for me card üeberflüssig)
+ No blurring when panning
+ Backup without Calculator directly connectable to USB HDD
- No manual level control
- Accessory shoe no normal

Panasonic HDC-TM700:
+ Non interlaced images (50p) in FullHD
+ No moving parts in the storage in the Cam
+ Favorable price
+ Lots of manual controls
New accessory shoe
- Relatively poor LowLight behavior (more noise than the Sony)
- Higher hardware requirements s.The cutting

I can not decide at the moment just between the two. Can anyone of you give me maybe a few tips for making?

Thank you very much!

Antwort von Videobodo:

Have I considered the test of the camcorder straight again. I guess the problem with the lowlight can be built-chips are not great at the time to change. If on such small areas, over 6 million pixels and more are to be housed there is no longer there. Not for nothing have a lot less bright camcorder and therefore larger pixels on the same surface! So one simple thing: big chip - a few large pixels - good Lowlightverhalten.
Now it is but so are those who, pixel count, the majority of buyers, so they are synonymous served.
By the way, against dark pictures always helps a lot light.

Antwort von gospelrock:

The Sonyhat but already in Comparison to the Panasonic a larger sensor (1 / 2 "Sony, 1 / 4", the Panas.).

Antwort von Freddi:

"gospel rock" wrote:
... LowLight from the relatively poor results that were reported in the VAD3/2010 of SonyHDR-XR550 ...

That would not be the first "test" of the VAD, with the result of his fall somewhat out of the frame - there was already often results contradicted those of other tests.

Just go to a dealer of your confidence and test them both briefly in the business - the clips you watch it in peace at home.
Sometimes it is synonymous better to let the technical data to outside views and try to simply with what cam you better come clear.

Another "note" - you see the error of moving parts in the Pana as an advantage to - at the Sonys, there is the synonymous - then called CX series. And the "old" XR520 is up almost entirely to the hard drive one CX520. I have a CX505 (synonymous "identical" - only less internal memory), and yet had nothing in his hand, which ran in low light is synonymous only partly because - although I have neither the 700 nor the 550s Panasonic's brand new Sony models now personally can test.
My (personal) comparisons are or have been: my own devices (Canon MV3, Pana GS200, SonyTRV 900, FX7 and HC9 - and in the family circle of friends and a Canon S21 and one HF HV 10, a Pana TM200 and a TM 350) .
In the "operational concept" I see Panasonic currently clearly ahead of Sony and Canon - but have the CX / XR 520 series models to significantly better image stabilization and the clearly better lowlight.

Antwort von gospelrock:

"Freddie" wrote:

Just go to a dealer of your confidence and test them both briefly in the business - the clips you watch it in peace at home.
Sometimes it is synonymous better to let the technical data to outside views and try to simply with what cam you better come clear.

I would like to do so only at the moment is neither the new nor the Panasonic mentioned Sony models at a dealer near here. Unfavorable is simply that I need the Cam in 2 weeks. In order for my wedding to be filmed. I have no one else in the circle of acquaintances, who has a good action.
Detours have now ordered two times before I Watched in 2 weeks with no ninth (standing there, the "old" Sony is no longer available and the new Panasonic's just come in early April) in the trade. An HDR XR520VE can get me a local dealer from a remote office and the HDC-TM700, I had promised at an online dealer for next week to get (which I really can not believe). The whole thing is a very beautiful mystery!

Antwort von Videobodo:

Hello gospel rock
Because honestly I wish you good luck with your project. I would not trust with a brand new camera as a delicate matter as the shooting to take a wedding in attack.

With best regards,

Antwort von Freddi:

"gospel rock" wrote:
... the "old" Sony's are no longer available ...

?? - You look:

The TM 700 would, for example, to pre-order in one of the 3 Cyberport offices within 24 hours of pickup (I do not know even now where you live)
http://www.cyberportstore.de/?EVENT=itemsearch&query=tm+700&filterkategorie =

Antwort von Videobodo:

Again briefly on Lowlight - behavior:
Example: HXR-NX 5E = 3x 1 / 3 inch chip with a pixel 1.120000
HDR - CXR 550VE = 1/2.88 inch chip with 6,631 000 pixels

So at almost the same chip size, are almost 6 times housed as many small pixels. Therefore, the Chigrösse of 1/2.88 inches hardly plays a role, because the pixels must be correspondingly small.

Antwort von Freddi:

Sure - that for (almost) the same chip size, and "only" one sixth as many pixels for each pixel, more land is available (and thus more light to come). However, the size of the pixel is not the sole measure of its sensitivity to light - surface and material of the chip synonymous play a role - just as the signal processing.

But something different: AVCHD Full HD 'is still 1920 x 1080 pixels ... So mathematically we need at least 2073600 - or one in the 3Chippern differently?
I always thought, the only color information recorded separate ...

Antwort von Videobodo:

Sure Freddi
I have written this only as a simple example, without dealing with the major synonymous other factors, not to go beyond the scope of the inquiry. As a kind of small, thinking,.
Greeting Bodo

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