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Sony TRV320E zeigt Balken im Display. Kostenvoranschlag 330€

SonyTRV320E bar shows in the display. Estimate ¬ 330

Frage von Ralf 144566:
Dezember 2005

Hello, unfortunately shows my TRV suddenly three gray bars on the display. Even with the playback of older recordings to the rafters gezeigt.Laut estimate the real fun will cost 330 ¬, now I am considering whether or not it at all lohnt.Was you think?? ?

MfG Ralf

Antwort von ellenluise:

Hello Ralf!
I am currently plagued by the same / similar problem. (Not personally with me!
When the video camera of 1994 .....)
But even for 330 euros you get almost a new ...!!!

Ellen Louise

Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

It's true, for 330 ¬ you get a new camcorder. But as it stands with the quality of the TRV320 to a "toy" of the 300-class ¬? ;-)

Ralf, how much you're hanging s.Deinem camcorder? For example, if you playback of analog Video8 and Hi8 tapes-important?

"Ralf 1144 (another posting)" wrote:
Hello, unfortunately, has aufgegeben.Von my mind Sonyden Today on morning shows three gray stripes on playback, both on the display in the viewfinder and synonymous Television.Laut estimate the head drum to be defective and may be worn, the pressure roller, now I'm thinking on whether In general, the more lohnt.Hab The Camera bought in 2002 and have relatively few uses and am so disappointed of this difficult Marke.Hat finally tasted a lot of money.
What do you think


Antwort von MiXMaster:

People with little technical skill can fix the problem:
The error is caused by loose connections of membrane contacts. Easy movement of the contacts helps usually next. Unfortunately, the camera has to be removed almost completely. In a service manual is very helpful.

Sometimes synonymous helps multiple open and closing the drive.

Antwort von Stefan:

Hello Guest

you have more info or links about this topic? Perhaps even the name / location of the evil foil tape? I have a camera lying around here that this problem has synonymous.

The fat Stefan

Antwort von MiXMaster:

I quote from a Yahoo Group Digital8, where there is evidence synonymous to service manual. I just dealt with a TRV110 and TRV310 one ...



Frequent problem on TRVx10 and TRVx20 series.
Bad contact between connectors and flat ribbon connecting head drum and
amplifier board.
Using the service manual disassemble the camcorder, pull slightly the
flat ribbon (half a millimeter) out of connector, and reassemble camcorders.

Maybe opening / closing the door that move the ribbon and hurts the contacts.
U can see the service manual s.this address: (I do not remember ...
somebody can help?)

Antwort von Stefan:

Thanks that helps me hopefully next. In pulling out, I had not come. On my sacrifice is synonymous for a TRV110E ...

Thank you very much
The fat Stefan

Antwort von chrisling:


Have fun with assembling, it is surprisingly good. But one should remember well, where the small screws are.

Incidentally, I have the contacts very carefully slide out reingeschoben and again. That was with the half-millimeter is not followed, I do not.

Good luck,
Chris (who now no longer just a guest) is

Antwort von Stefan:

Yes, there's that?

The service manual I have found after much search on the CD. The forceps, the good is taken out of the leather case. The PH0 Phillips screwdriver is warmed. The camera is on the autopsy table ... And. .. And. ...


Be careful. New moon tonight.
The fat Stefan

Antwort von chrisling:

Lucky for you ...
However, I know of synonymous this effect, only I had always thought that the stripes disappear by the cleaning tape.

Now I know better:
As already written the opening and closing ranges from the cassette tray ;-) sometimes synonymous several times, or simply press on the housing bottom, or prolonged storage box and they're gone.

Well, probably it is not over yet, it never misses, they will come ...

In spite of everything:
I would buy the camera again.

Antwort von ace:


I have the same problem. can tell me where I n a service manual for my cam herbekomme. cds or something I did not.
I've ne dcr tr7000e

Antwort von ace:

or can one say to me what the cable is it? of where to where it leads, etc.

Antwort von Dreitagebart:

On my SonyDCR-TRV140 the repeated opening of wear and has helped!
Thank you!

Antwort von krsek1:

"Anonymous" wrote:
People with little technical skill can fix the problem:
The error is caused by loose connections of membrane contacts. Easy movement of the contacts helps usually next. Unfortunately, the camera has to be removed almost completely. In a service manual is very helpful.

Sometimes synonymous helps multiple open and closing the drive.

Hello my dears,

had the same problem with a Panasonic NV-MX.


pixelated picture,
then 5 horizontal bars with image information,
then the black bars,
then: black everything.

Open and close and press the bottom of the housing has led me to the fact that I now longer see anything on the display. The time code is not synonymous with running. When he jumps of coils as 3:40:12 to 7:33:20, etc.

The head drum, I've already cleaned with Alc + Q-Tips.

If you have to disassemble the thing. Where do you find the right description?

Or is there an alternative to emergency surgery?

Thanks for any tip!

Solidary greeting

PS: Would it be possible to specify contacts with the slide a little? I view that unfortunately not through ... Where they are accurate, etc.?

Antwort von wernher:

... but this means that the recording is on tape in order, and the strips were not included?

Antwort von krsek1:

Incidentally, I have the contacts very carefully slide out reingeschoben and again. That was with the half-millimeter is not followed, I do not.


where did you get the description. Would love to know where in my Panasonic NV-MX350 that slide contacts are and what I should do well with them ...

Antwort von dadidu:

Had my TRV7000E synonymous - after about 30 or 40 hours of operation.

The bars I've only once got to see the camcorder, then got an attack of C31: 42 and I was pretty pissed off because the thing has cost new 850 euro at that time.

You can have time to unpack the screwdriver and after a small plastic strip with a number of conductors on it, the search will take away the head drum.

The tape then hiding somewhere at one time. The remedy now is to rauszuziehen it from the contact and reinzustecken again. This should probably consider long time ne.

Anyone who wants to can be (which in fact synonymous with Sonyanlegen would never actually say that before) and the 'Whack the Cam' forum point where hundreds of camcorder owners complained about such problems, and thus express the Rep-price again. The experts have got it made a gesture of goodwill with $ 100 supplement.

Here, the more detail will be discussed:


Cam is whack the German proposal on the Camera - by the way helps synonymous, but you can still synonymous to destroy more.

Antwort von Gast2323:

So guys,
same problem with me, SonyTRV340-E

Thus, and here's my solution ...
you go to the Saturn, buy a 8mm Cleaning Cartridge (10 ¬) and they can clean up the dirty tapes.

Result: Picture perfect, stripes are a thing of the past
and no stress with housing Öffen etc.

Antwort von Tobias Claren:


I hope this may help to find the train.

I shall be brief time zusamen what I have long set (http://forum.slashcam.de/sony-dcr-trv730e-service-manual-gesucht-synonymous-reparaturtipps-vt59530.html).
But there seem to be some possibly auszukennen (synonymous, the former victims), and received a message about the new article:).

A SonyDCR-TRV730E. A D8 device.
Slight rattling in the operation. That changes when moving the camera / is rotated.
So far, however, Picture and sound correct. Now briefly Gray bars and audio dropouts.
Only a slight uniform pressing of the case, it was back to normal.
But of course it can always come back. What seems to be loose.
It should be something that can cause, depending on the position of the device rattles.
And while gray bars. But not necessarily together.

A service manual for that I have not yet been found.
The CD is for this purpose not be found. Although the board is still there.
If whoever has the CD, it would be good if I can get an image like this (should not be so much on it). This would be regardless of this problem well.

You know of anyone of you, possibly the cause of the problem, and can describe to me what to do?
The camera will be sold, and therefore synonymous dub before nor any tapes.
Secondly, if need be as synonymous, but because of selling, I want to make sure that this bobble error no longer exists. Intact s.The 300 euros, with such a mental problem ..... No idea .....

If it needs to be opened, you can even do the cleaning at the same synonymous.
Is referred to here were s.besten cleaning with alcohol?
The camera has seen the famous Manufacturer of x bands ".
But problems so there was really never. Even now it is indeed an Macke that comes and goes. Only the rattle remains.
And if I reinsehe shines the drum blank.

Here's a picture inside, but without a break:

Antwort von dukebtd:

On the cost estimate should draufstehen but what exactly is broken ...

Antwort von Tobias Claren:

"Anonymous" wrote:
On the cost estimate should draufstehen but what exactly is broken ...

Whom the Stranegeröffner.
We do not have.

Although I have a bottle cap full of small Schrab (same distance), but can not remove the casing parts.

Otherwise I would have seen in the visible flat cable drum and wobbled and slipped s.and.

If there is no trick which you can describe here, I have to search further well after the service manual.

Antwort von Oezkan57:


'm looking at a repair shop to come across the following fixed price list:


According to the list, it would be including postage for your cam costs about 63 euros. Then I would risk it yet.


Antwort von Tobias Claren:

An option.
But it would be nice to be able to try it before themselves.
I have a service manual, but there is not how can I remove the casing parts.
All screws are solved, but the body parts do not come loose.

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