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Frage von Webster:

both cameras I have tested under exactly the same conditions. Of course I had to switch the FX 1000 on normal DV (SD, not HDV). Likewise, both in 4:3 format cameras were switched.
Here I experienced a sensation. The VX 2000 is the FX 1000
in terms of contrast ratio and superior sharpness particularly clear.
It produces vibrant colors, the FX 1000 features a relatively low contrast images and significantly blurred.
Also an image enhancement of the FX 1000 by Gamma, color mode, color level, sharpness and brought no significant improvement.
Mind you I do not speak of the HDV - mode, in which the FX 1000 conviction, but reasons of comparison, only the SD format.
In particular, the change of focus had an effect at all, as if this function is not activated.
Do you have similar experiences? Do you have an explanation?
Best regards!


Antwort von cutaway:

Hi webster,

still do a test:

1st Recording with the VX 2000 burn in SD and SD material on DVD.

2nd Recording with the FX1000 burn in HD and SD material on DVD.

The result would interest me.

Greetings cutaway


Antwort von r.p.television:

Sorry, but your knowledge is at least 5-6 years old.
There are few HD camcorder to make in SD mode better or equivalent pictures as their SD brothers.


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