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Sony Z1 vom Verleih für Imagefilmauftrag / Angst wegen Tapes!

SonyZ1 of rental Imagefilm order / anxiety due Tapes!

Frage von tontanz:
Dezember 2007

Hello everybody!

uiuiui .. I wanted to make me clever, what tapes I s.besten use. Here, I often refer to the Council that it is primarily important is that one brand of tapes should not change, but for a manufacturer to remain ......

I get the camera, however, from the rental. What to do?

I want to shoot HDV, but not 15Euro for a tape output, unless absolutely necessary. But if what does, then I like to invest.
I have only one shooting (next Monday) and as if what goes wrong, then it would be extremely stupid not to say: fatal!

Just hope that the other tenants took Sony Tapes, which is at the Camera naheliegt?

I do not know what I want to hear, but perhaps there are indeed encouraging but n Tip?

Am very grateful for any reply!

Schöne Grüße,


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

One possible answer to which you even come yet, but it omitted to do ;-))
ask the lender what it was used. If he does know, get these tapes (synonymous if the times should be slightly more expensive).
Otherwise, it is not so much. I have a few Fuji, which I benüdel with unimportant stuff, and otherwise the Sony premium. The latter had never been a dropout, which Fuji yes - probably due to multiple use.

Antwort von leroc:

basically interested in you yes or no opinion, no statement and no experience of hundreds of postings dahier to tape media.
Your Message is: hello, I'm am (and mine is nothing better than this haggard)

Antwort von leroc:

That is not was. I have at least 20 previously read about this topic, but I was not a conclusion to infer.

but if you mean ...

Antwort von leroc:

@ andreas:

yes you are right ..... I see sometimes louder forest trees which are no longer .. particularly in this grad history (nothing major but the first "contract").
werd, I clearly ask the distributors and hope that the customer is always the other n tape suggests, but what you can not leave halt.

nru I have so many bad stories about this in the forum read
so I've now fear that we might afterwards with only half of the pictures or go home kamera total strike.

in any case, thanks for the reply!

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

I zich years after Mercedes-Benz (with parking brake pedal as the lower-left corner) on Volvo'm converted, I was able to brake and did not find left on the carpet rumgetrampelt. Then I am due to a modest snack times to dealer ... the brake is like almost all other cars in the middle between the seats ... sometimes you really nailed how.
As for the tapes, it is supposed to be differences in the coatings, which among themselves are not really compatible. I would prefer to permanently synonymous with the brand remain the same. Since my "Big" is still a bit of warranty, it should be synonymous in the case of an injury a little easier when you are always well-behaved "house brand" (for me: Sony) has used.

Antwort von Markus:

"One guest wrote:
I have at least 20 previously read about this topic, but I was not a conclusion to infer.

The next is not surprising, because there is no general recommendation. Everyone has their favorite brand, with the concerned camcorder experience harmonizes particularly well.

For HDV rental, especially on the maintenance condition (drive useine regular cleaning), indicate whether you with "any" MiniDV tape a higher dropout rate and get with some brands not. Maybe the test you directly to the pick-up with the distributors of the targeted bands you like?

Antwort von smooth-appeal:

To be sure about - rents an additional Fire doors system ;-)

Antwort von r.p.television:

"smooth-Appeal wrote:
To be sure about - rents an additional Fire doors system ;-)

Ich hab mir mal synonymous for fear of a Fire Dopouts increased gates:

I now copy from an earlier posting:

In the advertising of the manufacturer or the German sales Como was advertised that one with the fire doors at the same time, tape and hard drive as a recording medium can use it with the fire doors, but reliable records. Therefore, it could be on the tape recording refrain entirely synonymous.

First let me say that I am strangely with HDV dropouts was much less than even DV CAM (Although larger gauge) or DV - no preference whether cheap or expensive tapes of Panasonic or Sony. Only as a reference point: Approximately every four hours until it comes times to a dropout. I find this remarkable and so you can absolutely live. No tape media can reach a better reliability.

Second, my experience with the Fire misserabel gates so that I returned it immediately did.

or reasons.

1. As a backpack for use directly in the recording, he was very cumbersome to use and the battery power was synonymous with 90 minutes is not enough. Purchased and a Battery would not the solution, because once the battery installed, he can not solve. Como Answer: Yes, that's a bit strict. Answer outlet: Better do not try, because the last device is damaged. With this knowledge in the background, it was possible to me with gentle Try not to solve the Battery.

2. The Gates Fire sparked absolutely unreliable from the recording. You should always check the display, whether the recording is running or not, which is of the actual tasks of a rather distracted cameraman (motifs, sharpness, exposure, etc.) Why was I could not fathom. Time ran the recording (coupled with the REC/PAUSE- button s.Camcorders) - but about every
10th times without any warning not.

3. The Gates Fire s.Beginn the clip caused serious disturbances or dropouts (red Picture 5 frames long). And at approximately every
15th Clip synonymous emerged in the middle of the clip (even after several minutes) a significant drop of several frames of up to half a second. And even worse, then ran the sound delay next. Imagine the increased effort in post-production!
Also started the clips on the hard drive about 1 second later than on the tape. Justification in the sale: If you combined tape / disk recording setting, the preferred pathway to the camcorder tape. Technically, it is the Firewire output so at a later recording. However, since the recording trigger and the significant drop of the Fire gate too uncertain for important footage is not necessary the risk of the tape recording omit.

4. I was on the hard drive recorded material on the XL H1 is not directly watch, ie the spot I could not even verify that the images on the hard disk safe or not. What with the score 2-3 so a Russian roulette equivalent.
With a Z1, I was able to view the photographs, strangely enough. Distribution Como assured that I am, however, at each camera could be recording in the camcorder via firewire consider. But I personally think that the camera only with the FX1/Z1 was developed and tested.

Only one of the four reasons are already a KO criterion for the Fire FOCUS gates.

Solo Point because of 1 (the battery holder) is the quality feel of Fire Tore lasting tarnished for me. Software problems and her, but what a device manufacturer with such serious defects to the market raises falls of my shopping list.

Did the rest synonymous in various forums of problems with the Firestone gates read that other users have.

In my experience the drive of the Z1 is very reliable and unzickig. Expensive Panasonic tapes of use - of course only once - then everything should work.

Antwort von smooth-appeal:

These are, however, an absolute knockout criteria for the part ...

If all this be true you can fire doors so downright forgotten leave. Then manufacturers prefer to use your own system or the recording using a laptop realize that fits into the backpack and, in contrast to a specially-designed recorder, synonymous of shooting beyond the studio and still useful.

Antwort von r.p.television:

A laptop is definitely more useful than a Fire gates.
I think back then 1700, - Euros for the portion paid to have. 300, - Euro draufgelegt and you get a 17 "SonyVaio including HDMI Out, 240 Gbyte hard disk and BlueRay Burner (!). And the display has full 1920x1200 resolution.
This can not just run hard disk recording, but using software like Adobe OnLocation or Canon Console synonymous Monitoring and far-reaching interventions in the custom presets realize the camcorder.
The question is just how this debauchery tip our thread starter helps himself just wants to borrow equipment. He is certainly not for a single project deeper into the pockets want. But perhaps he is already in possession of a newer laptop and it can fall back.

Disadvantage of the laptop, of course, is that its application is only for stationary or scenic works. One can not simply close and rear flanges s.den camcorder. It should also be noted that the laptop just like the fire doors of quasi camcorder via firewire disadvantage is served, ie up to one second is s.Beginn lost when the additional tape drive in operation.

My advice, therefore, either a laptop (if possible) or just the tape drive on trust. In case of doubt Reinigungscassette appeal (after all, it's not your camcorder) and then the more expensive Panasonic tapes used. And always enough to lead the scenes planning, the experience has to happen only when dropouts always scene transition or during the first 5 to ten seconds.

Antwort von volki:

"rptelevision" wrote:
ie up to one second is s.Beginn lost when the additional tape drive in operation.

Unfortunately a bit late for the OP-Posterin, but above statement is NOT true so far, if the Sony-owned DR-60 is used

If this is set to "Cache" is set, will last for 14 sec picture and recorded into a memory, but not yet recorded. Only when the start button is pressed, the 14 sec written to the HDD.
Soccer Goal
If only on the start button is pressed when the ball is in goal, the goal is lost.
Not so with "Cache." There are the last 14 seconds BEFORE the start synonymous recorded and given a File Name
Since the DR-60 4 1 / 2 hr HDV recording can play this many 14 sec clip no role. When transferring into the editing system can use this clip with-transferred or non-synonymous


Antwort von Mauisurfer:

The Z1 is a really cool camera and I take only in DVCam mode on. Have never had any problem with dropouts. Wenns parallel I draw is needed on a Macbook Pro and connected to plates.

Antwort von volki:

"Mauisurfer" wrote:
The Z1 is a really cool camera and I take only in DVCam mode on. Have never had any problem with dropouts. Wenns parallel I draw is needed on a Macbook Pro and connected to plates.

I think it's really a shame when you consider the Z 1 "only" used for DVCAM. Is a bit of "overkill" with an HDV Cam only record SD.

It would be better, you take on in principle in HDV and then downgradest the material through the camera to SD.

How did you later, when suddenly the demand is there, an HDV tape as an archive

"Man" says that the SD quality (DV and DVCAM) when in SD mode is worse than when you have HDV material through the camera to DV / DVCAM konvertierst.

Perhaps worth a try, right?

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