Infoseite // SonyZ5 Automatic Gain Picture messed up?

Frage von spacemonkey:

Hello ...

Have in the Z5 in auto mode rotated. On the camera saw this great picture from, but now on the Calculator a strong noise is visible. Especially in dark areas, the noise seems more ...

Why might that be?
Can it be s.automatischen Gain?
The LCD of the camera saw the picture as I said from super ...
Have rotated in 25p if the info Why ...

Thanks & Regards,


Antwort von rush:


do not know the camera ... But auto-gain is usually always enjoy with caution!

You have to remember so synonymous that your viewfinder or LCD is much smaller ... the preview here in the forum seems to be like synonymous still quite good ... the noise becomes really clear when it is clicked and enlarged ... .

The next time you turn off automatic time gain and very little gain to give ... rather try something to brighten with light.

If the camera offers the possibility of a black balance, these perform before the shoot once synonymous ...


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