Infoseite // Sonya-33 or Canon 550D which is better for video?

Frage von buddybokeh:

After I had actually already decided on the 550D (after all the oscar-suspicious YouTube clip), I was today at media market (I was really that stupid!) But actually Sony appliances, with the argument:
Pivot monitor
large sensor
AVCHD compression
functioning autofocus in video
50 images / sec at Full HD
Electronic View Finder, etc.

The Autofukus is not important to me want to work with FollowFokus and view finder. Among the 50 frames per second-as is to be compared with Canon? Makes such a difference?
Let the example. synonymous old Pentax Lenses on the Sony use?
As I said, I am beginner in DSLR video and my budget for camera and accessories first is about 800-1000 ¬.

... Hopefully talk to me now not to many, the 550D again.


Antwort von Backgroundworld:

I have the A33, synonymous am very satisfied.
BUT: You do not have full manual control in video mode. If necessary. These are still about a firmware update, I'm waiting to yes even synonymous. Otherwise: Very satisfied.

50 frames / sec is way wrong! lol ... the records only 50i, ie 25th

A great advantage is, however, that during the video recording synonymous looking through the viewfinder can.

Then manual control and it is the (almost) perfect camera ... * Dream *

The sensor is the way I know of no greater than that of the 550d.

ask any questions about the A33 easy.


Antwort von 02VideoFaBI:

First of all: I would advise you to 550d.

Advantage of the Sony: You have a (quite good) autofocus while recording, the Canon you have to focus first and then follow suit during the recording always manual. But through the auto focus go 30% of light lost, so Canon is significantly low light forward.

Of the formats, the Canon is good races. 25p, 24p in Full HD and even 50 fps with 720p ...

AVCHD is to sell an asset at a very daring! The compression is not better than the Canon ...

=> Take the Canon 550D, have you synonymous and am more than satisfied.


Antwort von Backgroundworld:

I still think, AVCHD is a great advantage.
The H264er the EOS I can not natively on nem Quad Core with Vegas. Hats synonymous with DNxHD not working.

BTW I am but decided only to the A33, because I had another 6-Minolta optics. :-)


Antwort von Schwermetall:

Sony actually has the real 50i or 25p only the split?
I think that would be synonymous to easily make the cut, right?


Antwort von Backgroundworld:

The sensor is read out progressively. So only disguised as 25p 50i.
To the TE: If you want you can even watch my video synonymous to A33:

and a night test

But note that were made with a 50mm was 1.7. So not Kitlers! ;)

I would still advise you to 550D, because as long as there is no manual control in video mode for the Sony, there is not sooooo Dolle. I'm still quite happy, indeed had a Sony company synonymous wg. my lenses and an adapter Sonya Canon makes no yes.


Antwort von pilskopf:

My advice to GH2 with the pancake 20mm 1.7f. A single Spaßcam with truly breathtaking quality.


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