Infoseite // Sonyoder Canon?

Frage von LuX2904:

Hi. I just heard that it Sonybesser than Canon in terms of your camcorder. Now what is better, Sonyoder Canon?


Antwort von canovision:

which is better ....... if you read after 3 days, all eintrudelnden answers, you'll be smarter about nothing but now, bet ....?

could be synonymous to ask:

VW or Opel
Ford and Mazda
BMW or Mercedes
Apples and pears


Antwort von r.p.television:

This usually changes in the relationship who has thrown the last camcorder update in the associated price category on the market.

For a time, the XH A1 is the best camera.
Then came the EX1.
Next year, the XL H1's successor comes with APS-C sensor of Canon. Sonywird answer some analogy.
So it is always a question the timing.
Currently EX1R is probably the best camera under $ 10,000.

In principle, one should not forget Panasonic.


Antwort von pilskopf:

If it synonymous s.oder on the asking price? And what is good s.einer Cam? Only Optics synonymous but the handling? Or whether it even is fun with a cam to work? There's a big difference. Only time could no doubt be looking to know what price range is.


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