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Tonaufnahme in Miniklinke, welches Mikrofon?

Sound mini-jack, which Microphone?

Frage von hobby-floh:
Januar 2011

Hello forum!

I am looking for new and did, but not yet found a satisfactory thread relating to. Maybe there but people who have the following experience with and help me quickly:

The last film shoot I've fished with sound equipment as follows:
- Zoom H2 Handy Recorder
- Adapter Cable XLR-mini-jack
- Thomann EM9600 t.bone in "normal" pattern (cardioid)

The result was unfortunately devastating bad. The sound of directed "Canon DM 100" on the camcorder was in a different class than the fished sound! Main Problem: Very low level (I have to turn up the preamp s.H2 full), this very loud noise. Okay, the Micro is synonymous s.Camcorders a class higher than the s.der Angel, but I thought that proximity to the source as more accounts ...

For the next rotation (no more internal, but external rotation), I would but then like a usable sound of the Angel. I suspect (like confirmation or correction s.dieser point) that the poor and noisy sound coming from the low level of the microphone, not the preamp of the Zoom H2. This confirms the fact that I am at home once synonymous with the micro-tubes have a decent preamp via XLR cable tried and it still is extremely quiet and noisy.

Now I liebäugele with the purchase of a better mic for fishing in the price range 100-200 Euro! My question is then:

1. What is your experience is better for fishing? A directional micro (eg Rode NTG-2) or a kidney micro (eg AKG C1000S)?

2. I will not buy the micro determine later that with battery power supply and XLR-mini-jack adapter, the sound is always terribly noisy and I still need to retrofit a portable recorder ... Does anyone have experience with recording microphones for good in mini-jack and I can say whether the principle deliver good sound can?

3. Recommendations for a Micro? Without a religious war to break out do ... : O) I've been thinking as I said above about the Rode NTG-2 and AKG C1000S, the module Sennheiser mics are a little too expensive for me, but maybe there's still secret tips ...

Am grateful for every tip and every experience! I'll probably soon times with headphones, recorder and cable go into a store and try a few mics! But in actual experience booms can not replace this course ...

Greetings and Thanks in advance,


Antwort von Jitter:

The poor performance is unique and attributable solely to the EM 9600th This is too insensitive and sounded weak. With a Rode NT 2, which is already different to you, the XLR adapter does not deteriorate the sound.
Why do not you take the sound directly with the built-in mics of the Zoom H2. They're not bad. Go ran just close enough.

Antwort von hobby-floh:

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply! The microphones are directly from the H2 is a good idea! Synonymous with the idea I have been playing ... What had me so far held, was that the AB configurations of the H2 has a pretty wide-open characteristics and I want to hide the outdoor environment as well ... In addition, my second favorite hobby is the music and I can not take a decent micro for the movie shoot, but synonymous to receive the Home Studio (AKG C1000S) of concerts or (Rode NTG-2). Therefore, the flirtation with a micro-purchase.

But I now synonymous caught the first time and have little experience with it, whether as directed or kidney microphones are more appropriate.

Maybe I'll take just a short test scenarios with the H2 on the Angel, he is easy enough. : O) Thank you.

Antwort von Jitter:

The Umgebungston you can by a directional microphone Hide limited. Because your expectations should not be too high. Can you in your H2 actually set the microphone sensitivity, my Yamaha is possible. The Microphone to "low" (less sensitive) and provide as close as possible to s.die source, this is still the best way to Ausgerenzung of ambient noise.

Antwort von hobby-floh:

The H2 can I set the gain, not infinitely, but in 3 settings (Hi, Mid, Low), both external synonymous built for the mics.
However, the internal microphones deliver synonymous with "low" only a very, very weak signal in the spoken text. This is probably more similar to reinforced's record concerts thought, with levels above 100 dB ... The "Mid" setting is probably useful if I go get very close, but not the quality is rather bad when I raise a signal with little noise but low level digital must afterwards than if I try the preamplifier and thus a bit more Noise in Purchase presume?

I always have a rule of thumb in the head to control the analog preamplifier so that the recording is clipping just not exactly. An analog signal with little rash to digitize is not so useful ...

Antwort von Backgroundworld:

That was with my AKG C1000S of (fishing) just s.Zoom H2 - totally noisy, difficult to use.
I have now bought a H4n because everything goes smoothly - Low Noise.

No idea why this might be - s.H2 I had always synonymous to H and 100 go to the meter a little more ausschlieg. The course drew arges Noise with what the H4n not the case (synonymous to 80-100, where I am usually).

Antwort von OldGrisu:

Best fishing in the low-cost micro-region: Beyerdynamic MCE 86 S II CAM. Runs with phantom power or battery in the handle, on XLR or jack, field-proven shock mount accessories, fur. Very good sound, more comfortable and not as sharp as Sennheiser ME66. Angel good result similar to the quasi-standard Sennheiser MKH416. From the sound of her but not quite as precise and not in all possible situations as easily as secure as MKH416.

Antwort von rush:

"OldGrisu" wrote:
Best fishing in the low-cost micro-region: Beyerdynamic MCE 86 S II CAM.

How do you get to the statement if I may ask once? ;)

Certainly it is synonymous a good microphone for the Angel in the low-cost applications ... but the best? Since I was always a little wary:)

I use s.Zoom H2 only a spark gap, which is wonderful to MID and to about 100 ... without noise.

Know the t.bone not ... there might be an impedance problem associated with the H2 .. but I think it's just not highly recommended;) Only the frequency range of 60Hz to 18Khz is only suboptimal. When Rode NTG-1 or 2 of this is about 20Hz to 20kHz specified ...

There was ages ago (last year or so * gg) times a thread with audio examples ...

Les up times on and scroll down ... because there is a direct Comparison of tbone said, the NTG2 and a Hama Mic.

Antwort von hobby-floh:

Thank you! The thread with sound samples helps so very much for estimating how much the quality of the mothballing of my EM9600 improved ... But I will make a comparative test times synonymous with sound from different microphones. I hope I find a shop that performs as many of them ...

Does anyone have a t.bone EM9600? I will soon have one thing to give away ... : O (

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