Infoseite // Sound mixing with Audition?

Frage von scrooge:

Salü together

have looked at just Audition 3.0, which is now so synonymous really good mixing and mastering has features. Since I work with Premiere Pro CS3, I thought, then make the audio editing in Audition - not just noise filter, etc. but really the mixing and mastering of the soundtrack. In my last film I had made with Samplitude Music Studio.
Now I had really hoped to cut my project via EDL or similar s.Audition and then passed to the audio clips on corresponding tracks in Audition to have. I have but found no way.
There such a comfortable way (yet)?



Antwort von Debonnaire:

What would you be able to spend the entire end-soundtrack of your final timeline and edit in Audition. To my knowledge, this result but not individual tracks with the audio - (sub) clip of the video clips.


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