Infoseite // Sound muted, or no longer available PremCS4

Frage von Coburn:

Greets you,

I've just encountered a problem where I can heruasfinden not the cause.

I have edited some clips, and now I put them together into a movie, but then I realize - the soundtrack is indeed there, but it gives no sound again, neither it shows me the level.
Worked at piecing it always.

Some clips have audio as usual, but of an audio clip everything away. And I can gain by getting her not synonymous.

Is there a keyboard command to which I have come?
Also can be with other clips no keyframes set for the levels.

I had previously never had, hope you have an idea.


Antwort von Coburn:

What's with the ....

've written while I am at a further Quellle the sound off.

I'm currently open 6 sequences. One of them is my final cut. So I cut and paste of the other sequences the cuts out the wants and I put them in my final cut.

The frame is about 90 minutes rough cuts.

Videos are distributed to up to five tracks and only one audio track.
On this Audiosput are (currently) still clips with sound. But most of the sound is down easy.

Premiere is too much with anything?
I cut it for over 50 hours, beginning with over 15 hours of footage. And now that's the end comes close, he takes away my sound ... Nich but the Gibts.


Antwort von Coburn:

Phew, thank God.

Ok, the error was probably Intern program in information loss.
The link to the source files need to be made again.

Say all of the video footage with the same substitute.

Now everything is working again.

Woodfibres should cost something like .. especially when time pressure.


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