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Frage von oliver42:

I need time to instrumental music, which I use in my film scoring. Can anyone recommend a CD or a Web portal with mp3 songs?


Antwort von rush:

Please do not double postings ...

search by gema free music.

finally, there was a website synonymous thread about a film is created in the core where musicians and filmmakers can share together ... mussu times bissl search


Antwort von nicecam:

@ Oliver42:
Legally, this can be quite "interesting" are. Should you be known, so if your sound by work goes into the "public".

Very nicely explained, the issue of licensing on the sides of Proud Music .

And that was now synonymous even the first of the links you hoped for.

There are more that I have some in contributions collected here in the forum:

Free Sound
Audio Jungle


Antwort von thsbln:

Search's talk about the Schware board (online) the HFF Potsdam and other film schools, as there are often offers of prospective and already practicing film composers to demand for an interesting project little, which is far better than retort music, so you have an idea what one wants and can convey this synonymous.

I was synonymous with a forum to a brilliant guy who conjured me exactly what I had in mind - it's for free, while a keyboard player from the acquaintance gleichmal available by the minute and only for a certain period would account - so you can have bad luck synonymous.

But an attempt is worth it (and the GEMA question can thus be synonymous clarify directly, most will see that is a good reason not members) - I had this short product videos / no longer listen to hear where some zusammengefriemeltes Musikgemurkse is that should sound as possible up-to-date and years late, because it is now in every vst freeware-tool is in it as a preset.

Unfortunately, feels that the easy access to digital production means any individual to want to do everything - regardless of talent.


Antwort von nicecam:

Certainly a more interesting answer than the one I gave.


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