Infoseite // Sound skip for 1 sec at Sony DSR-PD150

Frage von Marina&Co:

Hi, a friend and I have bought on Ebay, the Sony150, and although we seemed to trust the seller, I now feel the unit is defective.

The sound drops out when playing continuously for 1 sec. So like two seconds sound, a second no sound.
Sometimes synonymous five seconds is good.
A RESET of the camera has fixed the problem nor how to use a cleaning cartridge. The kids are doing it should not be anyway, as was stated by the seller primarily transferred directly to Firewire.

The sound skip are probably a play and not a host problem.
Because the sound skip moments always come to others.
DAs would I mean the sentence "The window is open to hear" and the sound is as follows:
The F * it is open.
The next time you hear watching "The window is * N."
So always be other moments.
I had then brought a brand new tape and it shows even at only 21 instead of 30 minutes rest time.
The recording that was full of graphical errors, then when recording again Nich, but still the sound was broken, as before. : (

We have pretty much paid for the part money, maybe we even pay too much, please do not tell me now that the part is broken, this must be real Nich true.


Antwort von srone:

let you but sometimes the head by the hour show, drum-hours menu.




Antwort von HST1990:

The problem I know only too well of my VX2000. Look to see if you have synonymous sound skips when you abnimmst the audio signal through the headphone output. Since I had no dropouts that is.

Have tried everything possible and then just have a different program to capture views taken since then and it works. Before, I used Premiere and now I use ScenalyzerLive, simply download the trial version and times see if it works.



Antwort von penkeler:

If the drop-outs are not copied, then it is possible that the recorded signal is too weak (eg because of head clogging, or Kopfabnuetzung). If the error rat is too high or parts are illegible, will be muted at any Knake-noises to be avoided.

Try more than the Firewire into Compueter incorporated.


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