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Frage von Dragnet:


So I try for old time camera shots of VHS on a Pinnacle TV card to digitizer. The whole runs on VirtualDub.
I suppose the sound uncompressed to compress the picture I found during the recording to Mpeg 2nd The whole goes beyond the coaxial input of TV card. Now the mystery:
until now everything has worked, but at a certain DVD is the sound even a short time after starting the capturing asynchronously. I have absolutely no idea why. It manifests itself, inter alia, suddenly in the Virtual Dub, the CPU Usage to 28% goes down. In the VHS, in which all ran smoothly, she was approximately 60%.
Behind the problem seems to be no real logic to connect when you consider that it actually works out.

For help, very grateful



Antwort von Markus:

"David" wrote: until now everything has worked, but at a certain VHS ...
If the problem with the Asynchronität now digitizing all or only in this one VHS tape?


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