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Ton funktioniert nach Übertrag in die Timeline nicht mehr

Sound works after transfer to the timeline is no longer

Frage von makop08:
Januar 2007

Hello together,

I try just Premiere Pro with a few first steps to make and have the following problem, for which I still have no solution:

-> = Source-material of old Hi8 video camera with Dazzle Studio 9 and 150 captured -> MPG as a file on disk -> works with all popular MPG viewers (eg Windows Media Player) synonymous with sound flawlessly

Premiere starts with

1) New Project -> Standard 48kHz -> Custom Settings converted in sequence to the default "Audio Master Mono '
2) first started -> File import -> import Mpg
then display in the Project window:

Movie, 720x576 (1.1)
00:57:22:08, 25.00fps
11025 Hz - 16-bit - Mono

3) Film rübergezogen in the Monitor window (Source Monitor) -> Play button -> Picture and sound is normal

4) Then from the monitor window in Time Line drawn -> Picture, but only when sound is still undefined hum and noise in pipes with different pitch (???)

Have at least 2-3Stunden s.allen possible settings rumgedreht bring the sound but not after transfer into the timeline for the run.

What am I doing wrong? Why is it Vorbearbeitungsfenster and then no longer in the timeline?

've Even tried the video in TMPGEnc 2524 to EN-multiplexing and then re-multiplexes with the appropriate settings. But then hangs Premiere Pro completely after importing to ...

Until now I do not quite enthusiastic of the Premiere Pro synonymous nor for the price ...

Has anyone an idea what the problem is and how it solves?

For help I would really appreciate ...


Antwort von swantje:

if you have the ton in 11025 Hz - 16-bit - Mono of your camera to the computer-searched and held him in his project did 48khz, it is clear that it does not. or at tonprogrammen zb one is backward compatible to pay what the heart is concerned, but it lies in the nature of things the 11khz rather a growl than a ton is defined. or, the buzz should have your very alienated his ton and not just a noise.

if you have your sound but in 48khz had captured him and another player play as synonymous, it may be the premiere nciht recognize him because you do not like him as a pcm wav irgendnem but with strange coded cadec searched the premiere can not undo. basically you should set your project as your source material is, I say me, So now you can hear the sound.

So look if you have the correct codecs, synonymous for visual. if you still want to cut, it is not always useful as mpg but as rohavi to import.

so this was lots of confusion, it is important that you find out and post if your source material has really 11khz.

Antwort von makop08:

Swantje Hello,

Thank you for your first initial analysis.
But I think we can rule out quite a bit.

s.Zitat: "if you use your tone but at 48khz had captured him and another player play as synonymous"
"So look if you have the correct codecs,"

-> I can only say that I the file as a MPG file on the hard drive did (about 2GB) and the synonymous läuftin all players with Picture and Sound (see first post synonymous)
Times have an analysis made in GSpot:
After analysis says GSpot (see Attachment synonymous!)

Codec MPEG-1 Layer 2
Info 0xc0: 48000Hz 224 kb / s tot, Stereo
Status codec (s) Installed

MPEG2 Codec
Status codec (s) are Installed
Pic 720 x 576

So the codec would have to fit!

b) Quote: "it may be the premiere nciht recognize him because you do not like him as a pcm wav irgendnem but with strange coded cadec searched the premiere can not undo"
-> Can not really, because I am the mpg into Premiere can import and generally synonymous in the (preview) Monitor with Sound and Picture can view it. Only when I hold it to the timeline, I prefer the problem with the sound!

c) Quote: "basically, you should set your project as your source material is, I say me, So now you can hear the sound."
-> I can not because I only have the possibility of a new DV-Pal Project with 34kHz or 48kHz selected. A deeper kHz figure is for a new project in Premiere Pro is not synonymous not offered in the Custom Settings ... So how should I adjust? And especially to what?

d) quote: "if you still want to cut, it is not always useful as mpg but as rohavi to import"
-> How should I do if the raw material as a MPG file on the hard drive is located?

c) Quote: "is important to you find out and post if your source material really 11khz"
-> Gspot says something else as Premiere Pro ... Premiere is what I had already posted (see first post)
What's wrong now? How can I find reliable?

Else ideas?

Antwort von swantje:

hm then I had it a little misunderstood.

the ton of mpg should then vote yes.

what I meant with raw avi Capture: yes you have the mpg of its camera and do it then or afterwards when capturing to mpg coded.

you can certainly synonymous again in another format change, what I would try as your material so apparently does not work.
so you know exactly how I did not because someone else needs her:)

Antwort von makop08:

Hello s.alle,

I have now identified the bug or better yet to resolve.

And although I have Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on a "bare" system, ie a reinstallation of Windows and then immediately installed the tool. I have therefore all the other codecs are no longer on it, but only of the premiere included.

Now works with the same MPG file, the same attitude and the same procedure correctly.

I suspect that Premiere Pro is not with the Ulead Video Studio codecs tolerate, because I of Ulead still the old version 9 with the panel, before reinstalling, had. Can this be done but not 100% proof because I do the whole calculator had flattened.

It is worthwhile ever for the program nearly 900Euro Calculator times to reinstall and see if it goes ...

So if someone has a similar problem, sometimes watching what programs / codecs might upset. Premiere Pro does not seem very resisdent against other programs to be.

But thanks again for the support.
But I am sure I will soon with a few questions come.


Antwort von swantje:

s.also the codecs ... na also:)

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