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Frage von beaver:

Hello everybody,
I did my first film project created with Adobe Premiere.
The output / burn to DVD the program tells me that my 2 hours movie for Einstelleung "PAL DV 4x3 High Quality 7MB CBR 1 pass" requires 7.8 MB and of course not on a 4.7 DVD's.
I then burned in low quality and the result is really lousy.
I understand the large memory requirement for good quality. I did some time ago with Power Director / Producer an equally long movie with no problems in sound quality on a 4.7 GB DVD.
Can someone explain to me? A 2 hours of film should really be in good quality on a regular DVD fit.

More questions: The other options in Adobe Premiere behind the grade tell me nothing: 3,4,6,7 MB CBR or VBR, 1 pass or 2 pass PAL or PAL Progressive DV? Hiiilfe! What do I do them?

All a happy and maybe someone can give me so help in the new year.


Antwort von swantje:

sorry double post, the n.wie made-.-


Antwort von swantje:

to the fact
"More questions: The other options in Adobe Premiere behind the grade tell me nothing: 3,4,6,7 MB CBR or VBR, 1 pass or 2 pass PAL or DV PAL Progressive? Hiiilfe! What do I do this? ?

3.4 .. mb = mb per sec how much the film is large
cbr bitrate = constant
vbr = variable bitrate

vbr means of technically simpler not so ne high bandwidth, so mb / sec and for other needs (faster and richer detail) may take longer. dafür gibts 2pass then, in the first passage, he looks like he can encode where the 2.pass he knows what's coming ... grad sorry can not as well formulated.
since you in its constant bitrate not these changes in the data you need as synonymous only 1pass.

Otherwise, pal dv, what you've made above, it is uncompressed. if you are then in the quali runtergehst wirds not compressed but only pruned.
ding to the small equally qualified to get you like xvid codec NEN take.
but since you can be more accurate to say otherwise.


Antwort von Eva Maier:

When it comes to what is in good quality fits onto a DVD then you should possibly with DVD-recorder owners share.

The default data rate is then 4MB (120 mins)

74 min at 6MB and PCM sound

If your films as good times and bad times will surely find the s.verfügbaren material.

/ Eva Maier


Antwort von StefanS:

Do you favor and read the



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