Infoseite // Spider or Microphone-holder for Canon Mini Advanced Accessory shoe?

Frage von Addie:


You know, if there is next to the sawing / filing ;-) microphone holders of common or spiders for the "normal" accessory shoe of camera to buy synonymous such that fit the shoe to the Mini Advanced Accessory?
I have some views from Thomann in Microphone and Accessories scoured the area but found nothing. Have an HG20 and seek an alternative Aufstecktmöglichkeit for additional external microphones - otherwise yes, it is only the external orginale Canon Micro.


Antwort von deti:

If on the rear accessory shoe s.der Camera draufsteckt something, then the handling of the zoom lever is very uncomfortable. Canon has probably left here in the design, ergonomics in mind.

As always synonymous:
Here ( there were an adapter from mini accessory shoe for Universal. The delivery would be free of tax and inches, while the value is less than 22 ¬. Alternatively, there is something here:

... if there is not more favorable filing or sawing?



Antwort von Addie:

Thanks for the advice!

$ 30 for such a stupid little adapter thing, I'll no longer, but the spin!

And 52 EUR, hello?? Okay, provides high quality and will probably be made not mass production, but still.

As I file my dear next ...


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