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Frage von Darek:



I've filmed by dirty lens and did not notice.
Is it possible these stains from the video to be removed.
If so, with what software and what should man then.

I myself use Pinnacle 11th

Thank you for your answers.



Antwort von Aljoscha.Niko:

In my opinion it is bad because what do ... If the film is not too long, you could render it in frames and edit in photoshop, which may, however, very very long time ...


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Darek" wrote: Is it possible these stains from the video to be removed.
If the image content and the position of the spots allow, you could be the top and bottom black bars over it and lay claim afterwards that you have always been filmed in 16:9 want ;-)

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von r.p. television:

So a automatisert current plug-in now, I know not. But there is the possibility of a mask (eg using single particles of dirt or synonymous defective CCD pixels) to create and this mask to either lighten or darken (which effectively improves the picture or the disorder / better pollution reduced).
The best frame an appropriate start, as this single image in Photoshop and export the pollution-free place. Then you have the mask.
Then with suitable Chromakey or, depending on the application area geigenetem keying on set.
Can with optimal adaptation to very satisfactory results.
If you zuim example, a dark spot on a light blue sky, you can brighten up the mask to set. Then the dirt still visible, but not so conspicuous.
If your lens but widely smeared or verschliert was, you can forget the pictures.

LG Mike


Antwort von JMitch:

Hi Darek,
we look at your 'spots' times as a channel logo - then could the VirtualDub filter' Delogo 'or' logoaway '(?) probably help. The interpolate an appropriate patch from the surrounding pixels.


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