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Standardzoom für 5D MK2 - Alternative zu L?

Standard zoom for the 5D MK2 - Alternative to L?

Frage von PeterStorm:
September 2010


I have currently a Tamron 28-75 as a standard zoom on my 5D MK2,
the image quality is still okay, but I simply lack a Image Stabilization.

Does anyone have a price performance tip that saved me the deep reach into the purse at the L-Purchase?

Criteria are standard zoom, FF capable, image stabilization, auto focus and light intensity under 4 would be nice, but not a must.

Thank you!

Antwort von deti:

But consider that the Image Stabilization in camera lenses are not reliable for video is because he can not cope eg with pans, eating a lot of power and caused a loud hum.

If you want to use a reliable image stabilization, either in post in the NLE or by using a proper video camera.


Antwort von PeterStorm:

Thanks for the reply. Hmm, loud whirring sound not good, in the truest sense of the word. With power consumption klimafeindlichem I might still be alive.

I have already tried in AE to stabilize from the hand of filmed images but this "high-frequency, hard" seems to overwhelm even shake AE. Could not have got done looking one. And I do think that I can deal with the tracking passable.

Antwort von PeterStorm:

As a cheap option I have the EF 24-85 IS synonymous me of Canon viewed. Has anyone ever screwed before a 5D MK2?

Antwort von Burner87:

You want something that does not work.
- Miniature is expensive
- Light intensity in combination with Zoom is expensive
- Good image quality even in miniature extra costs again
- Other Manufacturers hold themselves back in lenses for KB

You will only Canon L or Sigma Ex, which give both the price not much.
-> There is nothing

The EF24-85 has no IS!

Antwort von PeterStorm:

Uuuuups - you're right. Damned diversity of supply.

So my only solution is to the L? No decent alternative with which we could perhaps save one or the other Hunni?

Antwort von nordheide:

The 24-105 is great and fits well with the 5DII.
But the IS hums murderous.

The image quality is good.

Antwort von PeterStorm:

Yes, I think because of the synonymous straight ....

I have 4 Lenses but all without IS. That means no one used when shooting with the 5D MK2 NEN image stabilizer? Even in remote external audio recording?
I had hoped so long focal lengths could implement something more stable, synonymous with Schulterrig.

Antwort von nordheide:

Tripod, monopod, if necessary.
Otherwise it will be choppy.

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

Before I here a new "keg" open my ... when we're on the subject of L-Lenses Canon:

I stand before the decision to me either a 24-105 L / 24-70 L or a set of "old" to get manual Nikkor lenses. If the bottom line price is not much. Apart from the different handling - how about in terms of picture quality? Old or new best FB L-Zoom?

(Application synonymous s.der Canon 5D MKII)

Antwort von nordheide:

The zoom for the video mode mE sharp enough to handle more flexible and above all.

For photographing the manual FBs are certainly a matter of faith. But to abandon the Stillimage to the AF? I do not know?

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

Yeah, quite clearly - but as I said, I'm doing here, at times purely in image performance.

Antwort von Tuffy:

I would go only to older Primes, instead of zoom. I stand but not so very synonymous to zoom.

IS I needed in the video field has never (even in shoulder solution), even at 135mm (or the 1.6 crop like it ...).

Tracking is an art - in AE Expressions can with this much to get out. The tracking species (Luma, RGB, etc) give differences. Mocha trying times?
Otherwise, there have alternatives such as the Camera Tracker Plugin of The Foundry (not directly saves money in Comparison to the L, but worth the long term already). Although I do not know what is good for the stabilization.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ HansM.

The 24-70 Lens s.der 5D = TOP!

FB, although never wrong especially when shooting but now a look seen from handling her "new" Lenses are the FB's move vorzu. It is easy fast and precise,

Today to take pictures with FB s istz really recommended only for certain subjects / situations.

PS: Good new FB Lenses with AF function is there something else again.

B. DeKid

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

Thanks Billy, coming away 24-70 very good during testing. In all the relevant sides a la cinema5D but synonymous here, especially from the supposedly all-knowing Mr. Ballhaus seem apart of Zeiss and Leica Nikkor Primes the ultimate to be. Did you ever direct NEN Comparison?

Handling is clearly much more relaxed with AF and Zoom, clear. But quality rules. I prefer to sweat some more time.

Antwort von Tuffy:

An experience during the shooting and shooting with primes -

You are planning more ("What Lens at which setting) in order to save time. This is good, for you will you more aware of what you're doing. The same when you shoot.
If I go with a prime draw, I get fewer pictures than achieved with the AF Zoom. But this are all synonymous really good.

If more photography or film, and less KNIPPS or holiday video;)

Antwort von koji:

Take s.das Tamron 17-50 VC 2.8 is not continuous stretch, right?
Tomorrow I get for my 7D.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Well the MB of plediert always more to the Nikkor, Zeiss and Leica that I've always thrown in with the pot.

Bzgl. Whether you are better now than the L s of Canon, which should not hesitate to assess the pixels Pepper. ;-)

just what is quite another to create with zooms as with FBs.

As I said as "always on it" s.Vollformat Währe the 24-70 choice.

During filming I would, however, with preference resort to FBs, because there is always filming other claims / Mlglichkeiten as when shooting.

FBs what the really are good for my Meihnung are: 85 100 (macro) and Canon of the 135 ..... 35 and 50mm but I would then tend to Zeiss or Leica in terms of the FBs, because it just synonymous with the focal length and zoom offer the shooting then I would prefer to attack nerve manual FB.

All that is over 100 should then be FBsmit AF and L IS (except the 70-200 L IS or the very suitable 100-300EF)

But who wants to film in the area should look synonymous with the AIs Nikkor 400mm or 300 times closer.


So for your specific project now clear Recommendation 24-70 70-200 then perhaps the 16-35 then one has everything you need.

As a manual Nikkor Primes and then provides a 24 / 35 / 50 (55) / 85 and 135 (100) .... want and I would like to see the times Samyang really bring the top results (85mm) and to furnish a 35mm F1.4 Photokina yes.

If you naturally do not have to look for the money then just stop Zeiss and Leica despite the apparent difference probably only under laboratory operations can justify the higher price of designation.

B. DeKid

* NOTE * Canonrumors http://www.canonrumors.com/2010/09/this-and-that-2/

24-70 f/2.8L IS
Lots of emails with tales of "I was told not to buy the current one". Nothing of note that beyond.

Whether Canon surprisingly well to the new 1DsIV a new edition of this lens brings to wait times of 21.9. is so soon.


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