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Frage von Thomas054:


Seeking a effect of the following to: I want to lose by lightsaber someone's head. Lightsaber not a problem.
But it is possible to separate into After Effects and the head of someone letting it fall to the floor?

If so, what should I do?

Thank you


Antwort von steveb:

ensure there are always some students ... to hold out for everything but the head ... :-)

fun aside .... after effects is it all right ... but only if it is not all to be too bloody ...


Antwort von Screws:

Quote: fun aside .... after effects is it all right ... but only if it is not all to be too bloody ...


Since a lot goes on ...

The question is just how you doing with your head down to the falls ... because simply cut off the head (in ae) and then animate layer as determined from seeing nich cool - I guess.

Have you already rotated?

Otherwise, I'd try a dummy head (not on the ball with any ner wig) just fall near the darsteller permit, and that has a fast break then cut ... then you do not even need time to show him how he really cuts the head.

Already know

Battle scenes, he raises his sword is proposing to cut shortly before bouncing one can see the legs of the "circumcised" klonk head falls to the ground ...

Always think of it ... it does not always have to be Hollywood ...

Rulen B-movies;)


Antwort von Thomas054:

Thank you. You have really helped me;)
Cool Tut Of copilot;)


Antwort von mint400:

Yes, the Tut's great. If you do not pre-od blood spatter muzzle flash has clips that can be easily sowas synonymous with making a particle system. Have a very similar scene times with so resolved.


Antwort von Axel:

It usually is about one seconds! Incorporated with Bluebox head alone, as he laughs merrily and singing and through him to the split-screen "headless torso AE kompositionieren is (probably neck slightly) tricky, but it's get out. Then came the fatal blow. Here, just have the Bluebox head a little twist and tilt. Let him come with keyframes, you can s.Beispiel a previously recorded dummy head with markings for eyes, mouth and ears timen (motion tracking, we must not apply well, it is, as I said,) only one seconds. Motion Blur in arrears.
Without heads cut: After Effects - Nothing is impossible!


Antwort von Dennis Z.:


auhc I have a few questions about special effects and synonymous hope to get answer a few.

1.wk I get blood splatters, explosions and so forth for free?
Simple as in the previous tutorial, the bultsprtizer / explosion in front of einfarbeigen wallpaper.
2.How do I create in AE laser light swords or those balls?

So everything to do special effects in AE, maybe there is indeed about one synonymous verständeliches German tutorial.

Thank you


Antwort von Nelli:

and 3rd Where ihc ago lichtwertergeräusche get this?


Antwort von fotoralf:

I would then like nem head a wig holders seem to be real head tinkering. ... Hair and paint on it ... if the sword is then severed his head his head placed on the ground and with ox blood smear herumm drum nd all the walls, floor, clothes splashed with blood. And as a highlight, run the guy without a head herumm (Green) cloth around his head to such an extent that more blood flows from the carotid artery. The holding his neck and thinks he could stop the blood flowing until he grabs the enemy then the severed head s.den hair, throws it against him and he finally dies.

The story tomorrow I must tell my Satanists Club :-)=)



Antwort von Gast x3:

1. Hello, I knew until yesterday, not synonymous, as they installs a lightsaber into a movie, this I can only use the program Effectslab DV, with can be very easy to animate the lightsaber did today .. my first film once completed made with the demo version, which you can download to you easily! With this program you can install synonymous explosions easy!
One has only once for 1-2 hours while dealing with the program, but then that's very easy ...
2. But my question would be synonymous, where do I get the sound for the lightsaber!


Antwort von tfp:

Hier gibt es ein Gratisprogramm um Lichtschwerter and dessen sounds zu erstellen


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