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Frage von greg79:

Hello in the round,

I am currently in the search after a camera that allows me the recording of external, of start and stop my PC.

Did anyone of you any idea how I could realize what it is here for options?
If there was this synonymous nor a piece of software, a dll which makes me a few functions that it would be optimal.

I have come across in my research only on LANC, however, the Camcorder Schnittschtelle this selection has very modest.

I could remote control a bit boring and equipped with a RS323 interface, or perhaps there was already finished with Conrad?
Has anyone ever made, perhaps? If so, how large are the typical delay (between start of recording and the date when the first picture is in the box)?

Thanks in advance


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Adobe OnLocation


Antwort von greg79:


sounds good and how communication works for OnLocation between the PC and the Camera?



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