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Frage von Wechiii:

Dear slashCAM:)

I am now on consider me buy a Steadicam. What will fit on it:

XH-A1 with accessories etwaiigem it. (; Micro / head lamp)
Etwaaiigem-550D with accessories on it (; Micro / head light / monitor?)

Whether I come with the XH under 3Kg I'm not sure slim is called for, right?

Until Christmas I will be true. Sun at the 900 ¬ of made me available, are perhaps indeed a Christmas synonymous (; Thanks Mom and Dad;)))

I've been with the Sonyy (; or whatever his name here, komishcer name) talk - he is with his Flycam Reel yes rel. "Known" here. He said: " Quote: Stay away of the bad spring in India (; vibration) - I would advise you to a Glidecam handheld that you can adapt later still with a Smooth Shooter Kit

But - Is it really good to do something handheld? I'm not the strongest person has to be said once synonymous. ;)

I would be very happy about your answers! :)

Best wishes,

PS: Maybe one of those who sold above Steadicams? Would be interested! :)


Antwort von Wechiii:

Unfortunately, so far no answers. * Push *:)


Antwort von r.p.television:

A XH A1 as a handheld is not really a good idea because s.Handgelenk by the leverage but significantly more weight is applied as the actual weight addition of Camera & Sled.

Because I would rather be confined to the mt 550D a wide-angle optics. The dunktioniert very well via handheld.

I use a 5D Mark 2 with Flycam 3000 and Flycam 6000 with a vest for cameras like EX1 or XH A1 (or synonymous heavier).
The Flycam s.sich systems work quite well. But, the Serienstreeung is quite large. There are units with bad bearings and springs. I was lucky with my equipment.


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