Infoseite // Steadicam Merlin + Maximum Focal 60D?

Frage von Kintaro360:


I would be interested to what so full Focal brings a floating stand still wonder.

My plan would be to a person to film with my 85mm fixed focal length, while it is up to me and the distance to the person I always think.

Is it because as a focal length limit, or could be synonymous, for example, the 200mm fixed focal length of Canon stabilize it?


Antwort von 0711video:

Quote: During this up to me and goes the distance to the person I always think.

um ... either the person approaching you s.and to the smaller distance, or the distance remains the same, but then the person is not up to you. you probably want to say that you herläufst before the person, right?

why do you want plenty going on in front of a tele person? which effectively is to have it? I therefore ask you: namely, the closer the image by clipping a wire and you will eg only the head pointer of the person, the less you see from the environment. aesthetically brings no benefit (together front-and back closer to background) because the tele yet all image planes and under some circumstances you can not at all more remarkable that it is a floating intake. It is just kind of look funny for the viewers, for camera motion and object motion would be virtually identical. basis is that you walk backwards in front of a person (!). which can give quite a rocking because a tele any wobbles strengthened.
is more, the high-resolution camera-any blur mercilessly documented and you can forget the autofocus is certainly desirable camera for that. that's not all: the sensor extends the focal length still with a factor of 1.5 or similar and you have not played with 200mm tele = 300 mm to make steadicam shots ...

the effect of a steadicam follows s.bestem tele in wide angle or light. from the interaction of object and back or foreground. Are you turning with the merlin?

more effective in mild / stronger results telephoto then exemplary, if you have a standing person with the camera (not too fast!) orbits. the person is downtown, you go on a circular line around the person. then "flies" over the background formally made, what a beautiful effect. However, that requires some practice and is verwackelfrei with hand-based systems to do not necessarily easy.

my combination is ne sony pd 150 and ne steadicm pilot, with which such recordings are possible. of course, only with a lot of exercise ... unfortunately.



Antwort von B.DeKid:


For something like that (at 85mm focal) need NEN Dolly!

Steadycam can thus use such means to 35mm on the 60D crop of no more than a 20mm lens!

B. DeKid


Antwort von Kintaro360:

Oh dear, that's really a shame that a Merlin is helpful only up to 20mm.

What effect will I get it? I want someone to go shoot a scene for the show alone, and almost want him to go alone, and alone.

I do not have floating tripod. Maybe someone knows where to rankommen s.einen rates or whether these are synonymous can buy in a shop in Vienna?

EDIT: Should I maybe put the camera on a movie stand, move the person to leave me and just readjust the focus manual?


Antwort von 0711video:

of course you can synonymous than 20 mm x 1.5 service factor. that is, of course, why should not that work?

However, it is difficult to establish from the above mentioned. if you really want steadicam, then relatively wide angle and then circle round the person named above, or go back before the person here, but what you want, is not suitable for steadicam and does not bring you the effect that you imagine.


Antwort von Tuffy:

"Kintaro360" wrote:
What effect will I get it? I want someone to go shoot a scene for the show alone, and almost want him to go alone, and alone.

But they should be, and then at the section of a 136mm lens? So you show no solitude, or at most a distance of 40 meters or so.

As does a brute Wide Angle more sense.


Antwort von 0711video:

I've even forgotten. Look at at that. that is rotated to 17mm x 1.5 = 25.5 mm.

of course you can synonymous for the person associated backwards, but you should check to s.and see behind you. you know: banana peel and open manhole covers ...


Antwort von Tuffy:

Quote: 17mm x 1.5 = 25.5 mm
27.2. The crop factor in Canon's APS-C is contrary to the example in Sony1, 6, not 1.5.
I do not want clever shit brainless, but the info is not so important.


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