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Frage von spitzfindig:

Dear SC community

I myself have the Canon XH A1 and consumerfreundliche would befriend them with a steadicam.
Do you have experience there? My tendencies went so far to a Merlin (Link:


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

A "Steadicam" ...
... actually it refers to the only real Stead i cam with vest and arm. A Merlin system, you should definitely try before, because you're the wobbler up and down through the running motion can not stabilize with a Merlin system really. That is: In any case, more stable shots, but not to compare with the flight of birds images of a real Steadicam, especially not when you run. But for the small purse an alternative.

And now no preference whether you have a Steadicam Arm and Vest with Merlin or this system: Is always a lot of learning process, just have no preference which you Steadicam. One can only say that there is built-well systems in which the learning curve is less. In a XH-A1 is the camera weight so very low and therefore synonymous, the Steadicam system "relatively" easy (compared with the camera men in the football game) ;-)

Hope I could help you!

Best regards,

PS: I would build a Merlin system rather own (building instructions are enough) and for a professional system with saving his arm and vest.


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

And Now for almost 800 ¬ a new Merlin?

Since there are systems on Ebay for ¬ 1,000 with good arm and vest, perhaps from the Indians or as self, which are good but often very much.
In any test case before! (And let's also bring in a test of sufficient time for the calibration!)

There are already good results have been obtained therefrom.



Antwort von spitzfindig:

I thank you!

The ebay offer looks very tempting! Only problem that I'm not just here, the Steadicam can try before. But to return to India even be possible, according to the seller.

Do you work as synonymous with a Steadicam?

I will think about the times.

Thank you!


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